Cardano: Here Are Statistics as of Beginning of 2023, Here's What Changed

Jan 04,2023
Cardano: Here Are Statistics as of Beginning of 2023, Here's What Changed

Cardano Poorick Mccracken Diggie shares the latest statistics released by Cadano in 2023. He provided a similar article, which she shared in early 2022, and there is no doubt that the growth is very obvious.

According to the small details provided, the total number of Cardano accounts at this stage is 3.8 million, of which 1.27 million are fixed detailed addresses. The key to Cadano Internet is the equity pool network operator (SPO). At this stage, the total number of reservoirs has exceeded 3000, reaching 3186.

According to the bet reward, Cardano is the second largest bet on the Internet after Ethernet Fong, with a total market capitalization of $6.42 billion. Digi sharing, 25.14 billion ADA is the bet limit, which is equivalent to 73.51% of the bet participation.

According to DefiLlama, Cardano's Defi TVL is $50.43 million at this stage. Add in the bets calculated by DefiLlama, and the figure is $66.36 million.

Although Cardano is a lucky one in the Defi field, it still has a lot of room for growth because it is now the 27th largest Defi franchise store.

Back in early 2022, Rick McCracken DIGI provided statistics showing a growth trend. At that time, there were 2.6 million Cardano accounts and 1.04 million fixed detailed addresses. The number of Reddit users increased from 677736 in 2022 to 696288 in early 2023. The proportion of bets has increased from 71.34% in 2022 to 73.51% at this stage.

In early 2022, 24.12 billion ADA was betting. Similarly, Cardano's defense did not begin. In 2022, Cardano's fiscal account balance reached 1 billion ADA.

According to the newly released statistics provided by Cardano blockchain IOG builders, there are 1151 key points in blockchain technology at different types of design stages. So far, 111 projects have been built.

At the beginning of 2022, only more than 200 projects were under design, and only 12 key points were already in operation.

Expectations still exist for Cardano's entry into Voltaire in 2023, which is a period of decentralized governance.