Crypto Influencer Who Warned About FTX Shares His View on What to Do Now

Nov 13,2022
Crypto Influencer Who Warned About FTX Shares His View on What to Do Now

Ben "Bitter Dog Boy" Armstrong, an influential encryption figure, proposed that you should not buy in the encryption market until you have a better understanding of the damage caused by the collapse of key FTX exchanges. Before all this happened, this fashion blogger released negative views on the Exchange itself and its responsible person, Sam Bankman Fried, several times.

In particular, Armstrong announced that Bankman Fried had persuaded the government to formulate a law and regulation to strictly control the encryption field, and promised to uncover many other evils of SBF. In addition, in the middle and late October, Bitdog Boy claimed that FTX cheated its customers after its API was used in the exchange.

The "invisible hand" of the encryption sales market is coming to an end

David Schwartz, Ripple's technical director, also sensed the blogger's insight into the tragic evil deeds of the encryption entrepreneur. Schwartz said that Armstrong had warned us long before such a thing happened that the financier Fred was a devil.

Armstrong not only suggested that many people should not choose and wait when they are in the regulatory situation, but also suggested that market making would never cause such great harm to the sales market because they are "invisible hands". In this paper, the fashion blogger once again ridiculed the head of FTX. FTX is famous for immediately using its own exchange institution to fetch water and dump.