Dogecoin "Has To" Crack Its Previous ATH, David Gokhshtein Predicts Potential

Oct 24,2022

David Gokhshstein, founder of Gokhshtein Media, is full of ideas about Dogecoin. He wrote: "Today I really think about Pontiac. Will he get rid of the ATH before it? It must do so."

The tenth largest cryptocurrency by market value is Dogecoin, which is worth 7.87 billion US dollars. According to the data information of CoinMarketCap, the transaction price of the top meme currency Dogecoin (DOGE) at this stage is about 0.0593 dollars, down 0.28% on the day.

The price of this popular dog themed coin is flat, which is consistent with the overall decline of the cryptocurrency sales market. The valuation of the head office of the cryptocurrency sales market has dropped significantly in one day, which is currently $920 billion.

From a broader perspective, it has been more than a year since the milestone meme coin trend led to the property reaching a new historical high. In May 2021, just before Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors, appeared in Saturday Night Live, Dogecoin reached a new historical record of US $0.73

Sadly for investors, the Dogecoin has dropped 92% from its record breaking peak at this stage, and has dropped about 75.9% since the beginning of this year.

Gokhshtein predicts and analyzes the development potential

David Gokhshtein has always liked Dogecoin. In his view, when the next bull market of cryptocurrency market starts, Mihm coins like Dogecoin may have a hyperbolic increase. In addition, in his opinion, this kind of property will finally "correctly guide a new retail customer into the cryptocurrency field"

At this stage, Dogecoin is waiting for the price of a good metal catalyst. At this stage, focus on the deal between Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors, and Twitter, which will change significantly on October 28. Elon Musk made it clear earlier that if successful, Dogecoin could be used as a payment method on social platforms.

Earlier in October, after the CEO of Tesla Motors allowed Twitter to be recycled according to the initial provisions of the purchase and sale, MimCoin made some proactive price adjustments.