Elon Musk Comments on Ripple CEO's Brutal Statement About SEC

Oct 25,2022
Elon Musk Comments on Ripple CEO's Brutal Statement About SEC

Earlier today, the American businessman and the world's richest man answered Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse's message about the U.S. Securities Commission, and an unexpected turning point occurred. Garlinghouse is very strict in his comments to the regulatory authorities. It should be Ripple's reply to the internal documents of William Hinman, former SEC CEO, about his wonderful speech on the influence of Ethereum in 2018.

When the CEO of Ripple remembered this situation, he said that the SEC could not rely on it. After all the facts about the Ripple case were released, the people were surprised by the Committee's shameful personal behavior. Elon Musk responded to this statement with a short sentence "unlikely", as if taking a false surprise, as if I had already believed Garlingthwaite's words for this billionaire.

Why is Hinman's speech and environment critical?

William Hinman, the former CEO of SEC, once concluded in the announcement communication between SEC and the third party that ETH is not a security, but a cryptocurrency, because tokens have reached extremely high blockchain technology. In making comments, Hinman's law firm won $1.6 million from the company's Ethereum Alliance.

The SEC fabricated lies at that time, which is also a personal opinion, not an official online opinion. However, if the appearance of the official website letter is confirmed and Ripple's statement is applicable, it will represent Hinman's prosecution of lying to the court.

According to applicable XRP activists, the lawsuit mentioned by Ripple helped Ethereum push XRP from the second place in the world cryptocurrency ranking.