Here's Why TKO Pumps 97% and What Binance Has to Do with It

Dec 07,2022
Here's Why TKO Pumps 97% and What Binance Has to Do with It

Toko (TKO), the token of Indonesia Crypto Exchange Tokocrypto, rose by 97% in one hour, from $0.285 to $0.583 after the highest value. Such a strong price quotation comes from Asia Technology Co., Ltd., which said that Binance is trying to recycle Tokocrypto.

Crucially, the Indian Exchange itself or Binance did not release the official website evaluation.

It is reported that the reason why this black and yellow encryption giant was attracted by the Indian Exchange is that the exchange has won the approval of the local regulatory authority. For example, just that week ago, Binance invested in Sakura, a Japanese crypto exchange, for similar reasons. In addition, Binance has been investing in Tokocrypto (TKO) since 2020.

What is Toko Token (TKO)? What is its price?

So far, the initial focus on the pricing of Tseung Kwan O has been defused, and its adjustment has only exceeded 40%. The price of the token is currently at the level of May 2022, filling all the negative effects of the past seven months.

According to the data information of CoinMarketCap, the Toko token is valued at USD 49.68 million. In addition, the transaction volume of the token has increased by 2042% in the past 24 hours, close to 90 million dollars. It is also interesting that the current price of TKO is 4.7 times that of ICO, and the price two years ago was US $0.1 per token.