How to create the most competitive virtual social product in the meta universe?

Dec 22,2022
How to create the most competitive virtual social product in the meta universe?

The existence form of human society in the future has also undergone subversive changes, becoming the existence in the network space constructed by physical space and information space. Because information space is a logical space created by human beings, people can use digital technology to create a virtual human social form in the meta universe, and can get rid of the constraints of natural laws in physical space. The following content will answer for you.

In the real society, the game competition between people is completed through products. In ancient times, game products were basically tools for personal organs. Driven by the scientific and technological revolution, the level of human technological civilization is improving faster and faster. Nowadays, the game between people in society is basically an external artificial product tool that has nothing to do with personal body organs. The current meta cosmic revolution has subversively changed the logical form of game product tools.

However, in the era of the meta universe, the form of game between people has fundamentally changed, and people basically use information product tools to play games. According to online data, although people know that there is an academic relationship between human society and animal society, there are also some similarities in the way of activities. They also know that there are essential differences between them, but it seems that few people analyze and study human society as a common product, and basically believe that human society is a special part of the whole nature, which appears with the development of human nature at a certain stage.

If we stand at the height of cosmic civilization, human society is just a social product created by human beings using the logic rule system designed by ourselves. Like other man-made products created by people, such as houses, mobile phones and other products, it has no particularity. In the social products of human society, the largest building component that people are familiar with is the country. This country is also a social product, and its components are the territory, people and power of the "three element theory" country, or the people who settle down in the "four element theory" country, the determined territory, government and sovereignty. The core key to creating products is technology, which is a technology to close, indivisible and self-sufficient integrated products between the fragmented form of geographical space and the fragmented form of people.

In ancient times, Fuxi built tribes with technological civilization as the core. However, the main component of the tribe is people, who are the creators of technological civilization. With the development of human scientific and technological civilization, people are increasingly capable of creating material wealth, creating more and more material wealth, and people's selfish desires have a stage to perform.

This special attribute of China has aroused the interest of some western politicians and analyzed the development of China for thousands of years. It is not surprising if China wants to return to her position in the future. He explained that since ancient times, the establishment of Western countries has always had a beginning, but China seems to have no such concept. In their long history, they are always a starting point. Whenever they establish a unified prosperity period, they always think that this is not creation, but rejuvenation, but back to the peak. It seems that the peak of China existed long before the Yellow Emperor.

This situation puzzled Westerners. Professor Martin explained that China is actually a civilization, but it is a civilization, but he "pretended" that it has become a country. In this way, we can easily understand why the western empire has no possibility of rising after its decline, and China can always continue to revive, because China itself is a civilization! Civilization has no defects. The rise and fall of a country is just a fall and stand up action.

Although human beings mastered the components obtained by deconstructing natural products thousands of years ago, under the influence of human labor, they were reconstructed into artificial products that meet people's goals through the logical model of scientific thinking design. However, human beings have not mastered how to create logical thing components, because material things already existed before the emergence of human beings, and human bodies are products of component reconstruction from natural material things. A very intuitive phenomenon is that people must eat and complete metabolism to survive. The technical essence of metabolism is to deconstruct the process of obtaining components and reconstructing products. However, the components obtained by these deconstruction methods are only residues of natural products, not the original components in natural products.

Only a few decades ago did human beings really have the ability to create logical products in the form of information by creating computer products. The meta cosmic revolution not only improved people's ability to create products, but also changed people's outlook. In the real material society, although many experts and scholars realize that human society is an artificial product created by humans through their own logical rules, they cannot straighten out such complex social relations and natural relations. It was not until the emergence of meta cosmic products that people found that virtual human society could be created in the Internet information space to describe various social and natural relationships in real society.

Although this design is beyond the thinking boundary of many people, when people solve the principle of identity transformation of material logic and information logic, this kind of meta universe product is easy to appear in the real society. It can be seen that the meta cosmic products are not people-oriented products, but social products with technological civilization as the core. However, technological civilization is the product created by people through their own labor force, so the purpose of interest groups determines the nature and existence form of technological civilization.

This situation is similar to the scene in the real universe. Only the things in China's regional physical space are social products with the technological civilization designed in the form of tribal alliances as the core, while the things in other countries' regional space are social products constructed by the structure tree designed with interest groups as the core.


To sum up, the virtual human society in the meta universe is not created by the information man in the information space, but a social product created by the natural man in the real society. It is a product tool for natural persons to compete and compete for social wealth. Therefore, the structure tree of virtual human society is also designed by natural persons in real society.