Nansen CEO Mocks Cardano Bros as ADA Underperforms SHIB

Dec 26,2022
Nansen CEO Mocks Cardano Bros as ADA Underperforms SHIB

Founder and CEO of Nansen Blockchain Technology Analysis PlatformGo to TwitterHe wrote on Twitter: "Brother Simano never thanked me for that."

Svanevik's "this" is a prediction analysis he made in March, saying that "the last opportunity will sell ADA market to more than 30 billion dollars."

It seems that Svanevik has already been confirmed to be correct, because ADA has seen an embarrassing year of high cost performance. Cryptocurrency fell by a surprising 91.67% from an all-time high. In addition, it has dropped 81% so far this year, surpassing the Shiba Inu (77%).

Although ADA saw a general short-term improvement in the start-up phase of Vasil hard bifurcation in September, it has been unable to get all the driving forces since then. Although the main performance is poor, ADA is still one of the top ten cryptocurrencies in terms of total market value, and the company's valuation is about $9 billion

Svanevik's foresight may have saved some investors from high damage this year, but for some investors who still own ADA coins, it seems that there is not much reason to be optimistic, because they will hold ADA coins until 2023. Because this field is still being severely hit by FTX's despair, and the Federal Reserve of the United States has never given up its hard fiscal policy, hot spots are still extremely negative

imageReported by:Bob Lee, a master of cryptocurrency, predicted that another data encryption bull market cycle will not start until 2025

Svanevik's criticism of ADA is not surprising, because he is a supporter of the Ether coin, a key competitor of Cardano. Ethereum cryptocurrency fell 75.14% from an all-time high