Scam Alert: FTX Impersonators Launched "Compensation Program"

Nov 12,2022
Scam Alert: FTX Impersonators Launched
  • The scheme of "FTT token compensation" launched by fraudsters
  • Why is this deception dangerous?

When digital currency customers are wondering how to repair their asset allocation in the constant terror, the fraudsters are actively trying to jump on the hot train of FTX/Bance drama performance.

The scheme of "FTT token compensation" launched by fraudsters

Today, on November 10, 2022, the top data encryption trading center FTX is still unable to repair trading, saving and withdrawal. Therefore, FTX customers and FTT token holders have looked for ways to withdraw funds.

In addition, the liar on Twitter has launched a "FTT token compensation plan". They made sure that they immediately dropped 1500 FTT of materials for all connected wallets (as of the publication of the article, it was 4125 dollars).

The fraudster ensures to anyone that every unmanaged ETH wallet transmitted to him/her for providing services will also receive rewards without additional acts:

Let alone say that the FTX Charity Foundation, a literary organization launched by Nick Bankman Fried and his friends, has nothing to do with this software. In addition, because the phenomenon of FTX/Alameda bankruptcy is still changing, it is predicted that it is not easy to run all compensation plans in a short time.

Why is this deception dangerous?

Although the fraudster created a very original website, which only attracted investors who were easily deceived, some details of this campaign were well done.

For example, the name of the fraud website is exactly the same as the original FTX main domain name: the jump is organized by embedded services. Visitors are redirected to a website with a Cyrillic domain name.

In addition, the Twitter account of this scam forwarded all the news from the real FTX account (authenticated with the dark blue logo), so the real one looks very similar to the online rumor source.

As mentioned above, Binance is likely to reject trading with FTX. The SBF trading center is likely to become the scapegoat for fighting against competitors.