Scam Alert: Ripple CTO Warns Users About New Phishing Scam and Fake XRP Staking

Dec 12,2022
Scam Alert: Ripple CTO Warns Users About New Phishing Scam and Fake XRP Staking

David Schwartz, Ripple's chief technology officer, prompted XRP holders to pay attention to a fishing scam that imitated Ripple's website, and promised that XRP could obtain huge profits.

According to a screenshot shared by Ripple's chief technology officer, the fraud company is using the copied Binance website to push email to the unsuspecting person. The email said: "Ripple has announced a feature, namely XRP Pledged Loan Service Platform, with an investment return of 16% to 31% and a security stock fund of more than 5 billion XRP."

Schwartz drew attention to the false report of Ripple's website connection in the fraud e-mail. This requires financial due diligence before clicking the link in the email, regardless of the abnormal email. It is worth mentioning that Ripple has never run a charging scheme, which means that this fraud has used my lack of knowledge without any vigilance.

It is reported that Binance launched XRP DeFi pledge, allowing customers to "pledge" XRP and obtain an annual interest rate of up to 1.40%.

This in the end leads to another problem: 16% to 31% of the meaningless high return on investment is used to attract unsuspecting customers.

Look for a new time limit for Ripple litigation

Because all the short messages of the simple judgment motion have already been carried out, the sealing problem still needs to be considered.

According to the faster timeline in the dispute, the date of submitting a comprehensive motion to preserve all the proposed amendments to the raw materials of the simple judgment was originally scheduled to be December 22.

Now, the parties have stipulated that the People's Court will include the deadline in January 4, 2023. At that time, the non parties (neither the SEC nor Ripple) must stipulate to preserve all parts of the raw materials of the simple judgment.