Shiba Inu (SHIB) Should Hit New Lows in 2023, Trader Predicts

Dec 20,2022
Shiba Inu (SHIB) Should Hit New Lows in 2023, Trader Predicts

In the roomA recent articleAccording to the prediction and analysis of pseudonym trader il Capo Of Crypto, SHIB will reach the lowest level in 2023. The data chart experts pointed out that the SHIB token will always fall to the level of USD 0.00008616.

Hibb2022 is a devastating year. Because of low interest rates and internal market difficulties, its price has plummeted by more than 70%.

SHIB prices will be higher in October 2021 at a new historical time. However, due to harmful environmental analysis and internal market difficulties, the SHIB holders have declined since then.

American stock market crash in MayTerra, one of the top blockchain projects, opened a shock in the digital currency world, and knocked down several key participants such as the financial derivatives Sanjian Asset (3AC). Then, FTX collapsed, which led to more anxiety in the data encryption circle, and further led to the sale of key cryptocurrencies including SHIB.

Although the performance of SHIB holders was disappointing and the data encryption circle was extremely negative, some traders felt that this should be a good time for investors to repurchase SHIB tokens at a low price. They want the Federal Reserve meeting to turn to a more peaceful fiscal policy and rekindle investors' enthusiasm for risk assets.

Some cryptocurrency investors are still under the illusion that SHIB may finally distort its downward trend, because the bear market trend of most stock markets is not easy to perpetuate. Therefore, she is closely monitoring all possible signs of turning.

The release of Shibarium (the second solution of Shiba Inu) may become a key metal catalyst for the meme. imageReported by:The development team behind the Dogecoin competitor made fun of an important statement on Sunday.