The layout of the meta universe leads the new stage of Tibet

Jan 04,2023
The layout of the meta universe leads the new stage of Tibet

Recently, iBox officially announced the first mobile game under the business strategy of "Shuzang+" - the Ultimate Awakening of the Three Kingdoms. Mobile games are awakened from the Ultimate Awakening of the Three Kingdoms. IBox, a leading domestic game ecology enterprise, "Universal Entertainment", jointly created a breakthrough in the application ecology of digital tibet by skillfully integrating digital tibet and in game play mechanism. The following content will answer for you.

1、 Digital games break the tradition

"With the game as the core, we will integrate the playing method of Digital Tibet into it, drive Digital Tibet with the game, and stimulate the fun of the game with Digital Tibet", said Universe Mutual Entertainment. The two sides disclosed that they hope to break the traditional game experience through this game, and establish a new game playing method of digital storage+to lead the digital storage industry to a new stage.

The Ultimate Awakening of the Three Kingdoms is a round based strategy game (SLG). Players can recruit military officers in the game, upgrade the main city base, and compete with players from other three countries. The addition of digital collection forms a two-way interaction between games and digital collection platforms. On the one hand, players can obtain rewards in the game, props and resources by holding collections. On the other hand, users who participate in game activities and rank high in the game can also get relevant rights and interests rewards of the collection platform.

In order to enable users to obtain high-quality experience, iBox has revealed that the game production has introduced the original Tencent game art team, which visually optimizes the painting, urban appearance and urban details of all military officers in the game. In terms of system play, we also hired a senior game planning team to repeatedly polish the system. At present, after two rounds of public beta, the game has been praised by a large number of users and is expected to be officially launched in early 2023.

2、 The cooperation between iBox and the universe for mutual entertainment

It is reported that the cooperation between iBox and Universal Entertainment will continue to launch a number of games. The second game in the plan has won the IP license of international popularity, and has been developed in cooperation with the top domestic game production companies. The third game is also equipped with the same game. IP attribute and style are more inclined to leisure and entertainment. With rich game types, iBox allows numbers to be hidden in multiple application scenarios to form a flow, thus generating higher value.

Not only that, the meta universe has always been like this. The iBox official said that the meta universe game has entered the final stage of research and development. The development of the meta universe game has absorbed the experience of many international meta universe games, and at the same time has their own characteristics of iBox, and strives to bring users the greatest freedom of exploration. In the game, players can own their own land, build unique buildings, and experience the beauty of eggs.

It is worth noting that iBox's previous cooperation with Guomu Group will also be integrated into the game of the entire meta universe, which is an important part of iBox's combination of agriculture and the meta universe. Users can have their own farms here to experience the real agricultural life. At the same time, with the support of Guomu Group, the farms in the game will be connected with reality, and users will get "fruits" in the farms. It will also be realized in reality, realizing the seamless connection between virtual and real, and experiencing the real interconnection of everything.


To sum up, iBox allows numbers to be hidden in multiple application scenarios to form traffic through a variety of game types, thus generating higher value. With the launch of the game, iBox's meta universe layout is fully open, and various fields of the meta universe will have unique game playing methods. Collection will become the key to the meta universe, and the entire ecology will enter a new stage.