Vitalik Buterin Is Concerned About Elon Musk's New Idea

Nov 04,2022
Vitalik Buterin Is Concerned About Elon Musk's New Idea

After the sale of Twitter, Elon Musk almost immediately actively managed the social platform. First of all, he dismissed more than half of the employees of the enterprise, and effectively controlled the executives through the shareholder meeting. In addition, Musk prepared to implement a new review system in advance, which has already been criticized

Vitalik Buterin has some serious anxiety

According to Musk, the new system will allow everyone to pay $8 a month and be "on call". The new system will become a new mode to verify customers and crack down on intelligent robots and junk message publishers on the Internet. At this stage, the dark blue check is only for a small number of Twitter's own customers.

Buterin said that although the new system will become an effective way to attack many robots on the network, there may be problems because it will harm the effectiveness of the risk control system of Blue Check. However, if there is an additional verification method, the conclusion will be "very different"

After giving some criticisms, Vitalik defended the new system. He pointed out that it was no problem to deduct $8 a month, and there would be no economic development level system. However, the current blue check system is far more unique than the $20 monthly salary. However, the founder of Ether felt that verification should be based on cost charging standards and separated from other advanced services.

As Musk used to say, the new system also brings new benefits to verified customers, such as giving priority to responding, talking and searching, which will be one of the most effective ways to combat spam messages and deception. Another function of the "high-end" account is to publish ultra long video and audio.