What is the value of Webs and Spaceid, which are the first to become popular in Web3, besides domain names

Jan 04,2023
What is the value of Webs and Spaceid, which are the first to become popular in Web3, besides domain names

If you want to ask the most discussed topic recently, it is naturally Ethereum domain name service. For ENS, since few people had ever asked for the three digit number of ENS, which was only 1000 digits at the beginning, the domain name quickly ushered in a wave of registration. ENS, with the enthusiasm of buying out and hoarding in the market, the market began to scramble crazily for goods, and the floor price almost reached a new level every day. The following content will answer for you.

1、 The ENS dances, ". BNB", ". bit", etc. follow

This trend is still accelerating to the inside and outside of the circle. Not long ago, Nick Tomaino, the founding partner of venture capital firm 1 confirmation, changed the nickname of Twitter to "1492. eth" and said that "Columbus started his first voyage in 1492.". From the perspective of data, since the establishment of ENS, the revenue of the general agreement has been about 61.5 million dollars, and since 2022, the revenue of the agreement has reached nearly 46 million dollars. Since the introduction of ENS in 2017, about 75% of the revenue has been earned this year.

These are the reasons why the revenue from the Ethereum domain name service of ENS in May this year reached 9.56 million US dollars (renewal) in April, and the revenue from the registration (renewal) of ENS reached 7.83 million US dollars, ranking first and third respectively in the monthly agreement revenue. Previously, it was only in the top three of the historical monthly revenue of 7.93 million US dollars in November 2021.

However, after June, ENS once cooled down, and the agreement revenue dropped significantly, but the recent popularity has obviously started to rise: ENS registered more than 300000 new domain names in August, with a total number of domain names reaching 2.17 million, and the agreement revenue reaching 4.7 million dollars. However, so far, in less than two weeks in September, it has generated $2.32 million in agreement revenue. According to this momentum, the data in August and even July are positive. ENS ignited the domain name service. Recently, based on other public chain Web3 domain name projects, the market has begun to pay wide attention to them. The completion of seed round financing SPACEID led by BinanceLabs in September is even more popular.

According to the current data of Dune, the average registration fee of SPACEID is only 0 0418BNB, the official also said last week that "because of the feedback from the community on the periodic registration of. bnb domain names, it was decided to postpone the periodic registration to next week.". The Nevos ecological Web3 identity protocol ". bit" system.

In short, they have all started to become the key carriers of user digital identity in the Web3 era, thus forming a cross chain decentralized identity (DID) system.

DID is widely regarded as such a core infrastructure of Web3. The core essence is to truly give everyone the right to privacy and data to control freely. The DID gives three users of the blockchain Web corresponding identities. DID then makes use of blockchain and other technologies to realize that digital identity is truly owned and dominated by users, which is the identification of the future decentralized society.


To sum up, they have started to become the key carriers of more and more users' digital identities in the Web3 era, thus forming a cross chain decentralized identity (DID) system. That is to say, with the help of it. The DID account with ENS as the carrier can open the data on the chain and off the chain, and introduce a complete set of credit factors or even a complete set of credit mechanisms. That is also the possibility that ENS will wait for the domain name service to bring DID and Web in the future.