Will New Binance Launchpool Token HFT Replicate STEPN (GMT) 34,500% Rise?

Nov 01,2022
Will New Binance Launchpool Token HFT Replicate STEPN (GMT) 34,500% Rise?

It is understood that Binance, one of the leading digital currency exchanges in technology, will become the first place to sell the Hashflow project token HFT.

HFT is undoubtedly the first token provided on the Binance Launchpool since April 2022. Previously, this year in MarchStepper motorThe project token GMT was released on the system, and then the price soared 34500%. Whether HFT can repeat GMT remains controversial, but it is still worth studying the project scientifically.

What are Hashflow and HFT?

Hashflow is a kind of centralized exchange. Its main theory is zero roll and low commission obtained by owning its own pool and market making. Actual operation onEther, BNB, Polygon, Avalanche, Arbitrum and Optimism, Hashflow can be described as another well-known direct competitor for DEX 1-foot swap. In addition, Hashflow plans to implement futures and options trading.

HFT is the governance dynamic password of Hashflow, which enables you to participate in the interactive game DAO of the project. To participate, you need to buy andBNB EnterpriseUntil the end of November. However, HFT itself will initially be listed and traded in Binance on November 7.

The initial investors of the project include Dragonfly Capital, Alameda Research and other well-known stocks, which belong to Sam Bankman Fried, the person in charge of FTX. The early sale and existence of the fund add extra work pressure to the price of HFT, and enhance the risk of countervailing.