XRP Scammers Take Over Michel Pereira's Twitter Account

Dec 24,2022
XRP Scammers Take Over Michel Pereira's Twitter Account

Cryptocurrency swindlers successfully invaded the official Twitter account of Mexican post mixing martial arts master Michel Pereira and renamed it Ripple CEOBrad Garling house .

This is to market fake XRP gifts on social media software.

Network hackers gradually pushed a picture of Garlinghaus's face with the caption "XRP is development! Sure!"

They urge customers to visit a website to obtain XRP "limited quota" gifts with a price of up to 100 million dollars.

Naturally, this website is neither affiliated to Garlinghouse nor to Ripple. It is just to obtain the victim's wallet without knowing it.

Some customers quickly saw this trick and told the applicable elite team of the page. Some false reports have been deleted.

In the past, Garlinghaus himself warned everyone that no fraud company could impersonate him on social media.

Cryptocurrency fraudsters often fake celebrities on social media to promote fake gifts. They use and establish accounts in the name of celebrities, or hijack the current accounts of fans hacked by hackers, which means celebrities can post. They will also use robots on social media software to spread unreal likes, exchanges and "supporters" 'messages. This group praised this suggestion and tried to produce unreal hot spots and FOMO (afraid of missing). As time goes on, this deception becomes more complicated, which makes it more and more difficult to find them.

If you encounter similar situations on the network, try to be extra careful and check the authenticity and effectiveness of all cryptocurrency related pricing from beginning to end.