XRPL to Provide Tech Basis for at Least Six Stablecoins

Oct 11,2022
XRPL to Provide Tech Basis for at Least Six Stablecoins
  • Stably, Stasis, Novatti, who else?
  • Palau and Ripple launched CBDC together

Stablecoins is one of the key industries concerned with XRP ledger application. By the fourth quarter of 2022, development teams in various regions around the world have used cryptocurrency as a platform technology to build a relatively stable cryptocurrency.

Stably, Stasis, Novatti, who else?

The authoritative cryptocurrency expert on Twitter @ WKahneman shared the most promising stable coin project summary on XRP Ledger.

Most of them not only apply XRP Ledger in mobile phones, but also actively cooperate with Ripple Co., Ltd. in project and marketing.

For example, Stably, a new Web3 project in Los Angeles, has developed and designed Stably USD (USDS). As mentioned above, they plan to expand its products to XRPL in early September.

According to Ripple's previous statement, the stablecoin EURS of Eurolink launched by Stasis can be released on mainnet in the fourth quarter of 2022 more quickly.

The XUS stablecoin provided by the Brazilian service platform Xago has entered the main network of XRP Ledger.

Palau and Ripple launched CBDC together

In addition, according to XRPL's commodities, a stable loan currency has been created with unusual properties. For example, the headquarters of the company, Novarti Group Limited of Germany, will strongly support the sale of stable loan currency AUDC encouraged by Australian currency at Ripple.

Aurei (AUR) stablecoin is expanding to XRP Ledger and adapting blockchain technologies Flare and Songbird.

Last but not least, Palau has tried to use its Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) in XRPL. Ripple has also established a strategic plan for cryptocurrency development in the host country.