Cardano Creator Denies Ethereum-SEC Corruption Conspiracy in Ripple Case

Dec 12,2022
Cardano Creator Denies Ethereum-SEC Corruption Conspiracy in Ripple Case

Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano blockchain ecosystem, once again spoke about corruption in the SEC v. Ripple case.

The data encryption developer has made similar resistance with XRP cell members and even Ripple representatives. Hoskinson is one of the first five founders of Ethereum, and Ethereum is known as an important beneficiary of XRP dispute.

Cardano's founder once again stated that all the statements about the manipulation of the American Securities Federation by Ethereum and the gradual arrest of Ripple and XRP by bribery were conspiracies, but this never happened.

This rumor originates from the opinion of William Hinman, the current chairman of the former American Stock Exchange Association (SEC), that ETH is a digital currency, not a security loan currency, because it is highly decentralized. It was later revealed that in addition, Hinman's law firm won 1.6 million dollars from the company's Ethereum Alliance. Then there was the lawsuit against Ripple and the intention of the regulatory authorities to recognize XRP as a security.

Is the terminal near?

In addition to strictly implementing his views on corruption, Hoskinson also analyzedSEC v. RippleIt is likely to be over. As a result, the originator of Smart responded to some questions during one of the anchors. He shared some rumors, saying that the trial is likely to start in the next few days, and to be accurate, it will end on December 15.