Earning.farm Yield Platform Under Attack: Details

Oct 19,2022
Earning.farm Yield Platform Under Attack: Details
  • Revenue. The farm cost nearly one million dollars
  • Hacker season instead of "Uptober"

Revenue. The farm is a user-friendly profit making device owned by ETH, BTC (WBTC) and USDC, which is used by criminal gangs.

Revenue. The farm cost nearly one million dollars

According to a statement shared by Supermacy Inc., a Web3 security dealer based in Florida, the company is profitable. The farm DeFi was besieged twice yesterday (October 15, 2022).

EFLeverVault, a key factor in revenue. The farm DeFi design was attacked by flash loans. Due to the shortcomings of its protocol architecture, the network attack succeeded in obtaining all ETH stored in the protocol, which was designed as collateral.

As explained by Daniel Von Fange, a senior blockchain security researcher, the contract of EFLeverVault has been submitted to certify the originator of super large amount withdrawal:

In conclusion, a total of 750 ethers were sucked from the protocol: 480 ethers finally fell into the MEV intelligent robot, while 268 ethers were sucked by hackers.

Hacker season instead of "Uptober"

Because ETH, the second largest digital currency, changed hands yesterday at the key spot trading platform with US $1300, the net loss is likely to exceed US $950000.

October 2022 will be called an unprecedented attack on popular DeFi infrastructure for one month. On October 7, 2022, a bridge between the two elements of BNB Chain will be developed and designed, with a service value of 566 million dollars.

On October 12, Qing Mang, the circulation agreement with Solana as the core, was siphoned off $100 million because a suspect tried to control the price speculation.

Later, Qingmang Community allowed hackers to pay the biggest system vulnerability bonus: they received $47 million and returned other affected assets.