Ethereum Turns into First Profitable Blockchain from Top 10 of Crypto Market

Nov 18,2022
Ethereum Turns into First Profitable Blockchain from Top 10 of Crypto Market

Before the cooperative upgrading and continuous reduction of the launch volume, Ethereum has always been a "futile" blockchain, just like all cryptocurrency networks in the market. However, the situation has changed.

The "profitability" of blockchain is different from that of enterprises in traditional finance. Technically, we can reduce a new amount of investment from the cost, so that we can know whether the network is profitable.

To be clear, Ethereum is still the only deflationary property among the top ten cryptocurrency sales markets. The profitability of blockchain is not easy to benefit its holders or new investors. On the other hand, deflation can be called a strong factor to improve foreign exchange speculation of cryptocurrency in the future.

According to the mandatory reduction of asset supply, third-party or scattered equipment may lead to supply shocks, and insufficient supply and strong demand will cause the asset price to reach a maximum.

Although the rise of Ethereum has also generated prosperity for investors and investors, consumers and developers of dApps will have no choice but to block transactions with high costs and possible networks. Unfortunately, during the large network load period, Ethereum drives customers to pay up to $15 for each actual operation on the network.

However, various charitable foundations and projects continue to focus on the scalability of Ethereum. According to the employment system or the replaced layer 2 network for event handling, the load of the main network is relieved, and higher freight volume, lower waiting time and small costs are given.

As of the time of submission, Ethereum was still in a situation of deflation. However, due to the lower burning rate, the network profit will return $0.