How to dig FIL coins in 2022? Is FIL mining profitable?

Oct 21,2022
How to dig FIL coins in 2022? Is FIL mining profitable?

When it comes to FIL, many investors have heard about it. After all, the price of FIL has been rising recently, which has attracted a large number of large organizations to enter the market one after another, naturally attracting a large number of individual investors, and even attracting many investors who are still waiting. Therefore, recently some novice investors have also asked Xiaobian how to dig FIL coins? Is FIL still making money from mining? Then, let's follow Xiao Bian.

How to mine FIL coins?

1. Matching transaction

According to many users' feedback, the way of digging FIL coins is paired transaction, in which neither customers nor miners are bound, and the transaction can be refused or agreed. This is mainly based on the PROPOSE-DEAL smart contract transaction mode, according to the transaction specifications displayed therein, and in accordance with its requirements. Therefore, the transaction of digging FIL coins is relatively fair.

2. Enter into a transaction agreement

If the miners reach a consensus on the transaction price with the customers and match each other, they can draw up a transaction agreement for Filecoin to dig FIL coins. The content of this agreement includes the request, price, information that must be stored and other relevant information. After receiving the application for the transaction agreement from the customer, the miner will check the price for the content of the transaction agreement, and the transaction will be determined after checking.

3. Storage data transmission

Digging FIL coins is a virtual trading market that provides the size of trading data storage space and customer information search. After the user and the miner complete the signing of the transaction agreement, the miner will send the size of the storage space required by the customer and the relevant storage data information to the user, and the user can start searching or other operations after receiving the storage information. As long as the operation process is followed, the entire Filecoin transaction process is quite simple and understandable.

Is FIL mining profitable?

It's earned. As long as the mining costs are recovered, it is a matter of earning more or less. If you can plan well, FIL will bring you great profits.

First, IPFS, with which FIL relies, is the top air outlet project of the day, with great prospects. The decentralization of IPFS protocol can solve the problems of low efficiency of HTTP features and excessive dependence on central servers and backbone networks. After a serious fire in the computer room of the European cloud computing giant OVH in Strasbourg, France, caused the loss of a large number of key content, the shortcomings of centralized storage were exposed, and people preferred the IPFS protocol. Today, IPFS has already been laid out by some enterprises with long-term vision, such as Huawei, JD, Xiaomi, Microsoft, Google, etc. With the construction and improvement of IPFS, more enterprises and organizations will join in. The more IPFS is applied, the greater the demand for FILECOIN, the incentive layer, and the value of FIL will rise.

Second, because the ecological construction of FILECOIN network will become more and more sound, and the consensus will increase, the price of FIL will rise. It is mainly reflected in the official improvement of the main network and the incubation of related applications: currently, the FIL main network has been upgraded to v13, which can reduce the cost of GAS, improve the network transmission efficiency, and improve the internal network ecological construction; The Filecoin developer support plan has funded about 40 projects, including various use scenarios and tools of the Filecoin network. As the Filcoin ecological incubator incubates more projects, the Filecoin ecological construction may be gradually improved, and the value of FIL will continue to be reflected.

Third, the issue system of FIL will cause its currency price to rise sharply in the future. The total number of FILs is only 2 billion, and they will never be issued again. The released amount will decline by half every six years. The GAS, online transaction tax payment, and the pledge of miners who have been punished will also be destroyed. As a result, the circulation of FILs will become less and less. At that time, the supply will fall short of demand, and the price will rise.

Speaking of this, I believe you have a certain understanding of how to dig FIL coins and whether FIL mining is profitable. In general, we also know that digging FIL coins requires IPFS mining machines, while ordinary computers on the market are not suitable for IPFS mining machines. Because the hard disk of ordinary computers is poor and cannot be started continuously for 24 hours, the hard disk is easy to be damaged. Once the damaged content is lost, the pledged currency will be fined. In addition, the Windows system is used for home computers, and the Linux system is used for professional mining machines, which has better stability, security, and less resource occupation, The most important thing is that the precise installation of special mining machine is cheaper, more power saving and more efficient than general computer equipment. Of course, although mining is also one of the most profitable projects at present, investment is accompanied by risks. I also suggest that investors should know whether the risks are within their own tolerance before leaving.