Jamie Dimon Slams Bitcoin as "Dirty" and "Expensive"

Oct 16,2022
Jamie Dimon Slams Bitcoin as

Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase, criticized BTC as "dirty" and "expensive" in his speech at the meeting of the Institute of International Finance in Washington earlier Thursday.

The 66 year old executive said that after blaming cryptocurrency several times in the past, he "never" bought cryptocurrency.

Dimon believes that cryptocurrencies are actually ineffective. "I don't know what it's worth," he said.

It is reported that the CEO of JPMorgan Chase said BTC was "useless" in October last year.

However, Dimon still looks at the block chain technology. This well-known banker felt that technology could "disintermediate" a part of commercial banks.

Referring to the U.S. economy, Damon was skeptical of the Federal Reserve's ability to complete the coveted landing. In addition, Damon declared that he "completely trusted" Jerome Jerome of the Federal Reserve, and called him a "very excellent person"

The banker predicted that the benchmark loan interest rate would be higher than 4.5% because the inflation rate was higher than expected.

According to the prediction and analysis of the president of JPMorgan, in the current change link, American stocks may fall by another 30%.