NEAR Protocol Integration Announced by Binance Custody: Details

Nov 10,2022
NEAR Protocol Integration Announced by Binance Custody: Details

NEAR Foundation announced the integration with Binance Custom, an organizational level digital currency custody solution.

According to integration, organizational users can maintain their NEAR assets and other NEP-141 adaptive tokens through Binance hosting. In addition, this integration enables Binance Custody to provide future support for all NEP-141 compliant tokens in the NEAR project.

In short, the NEP-141 is a set of guidelines for managing how tokens in the method NEAR work. It is better than the previous NEP-21 specification, because it is not so complex for users and developers, but also more economical and efficient.

Binance, released in 2021, is a separate, compliance management and audited hosting solution. At this stage, it supports more than 230 digital currencies.

It is reported that Binance Custom has already announced its support for Shiba Inu (SHIB), Audio (AUDIO), Perpetual Protocol (PERP), SKALE Network (SKL) and Injective (INJ) in February.

The number of NEAR wallet users soared to more than 20 million yuan

The total number of wallet users of Near Protocol has increased. At the beginning of this year, NEAR wallet only had 2 million users. However, by November, this number had soared to more than 20 million users, which means that the wallet has increased tenfold in less than a year.

At this stage, more than 800 projects have been built on NEAR, and NEAR uses the consensus confirmed by shares to maintain and test the sales in blockchain technology.