Shiba Inu's BONE Token Now Listed on Another Crypto Exchange

Nov 05,2022
Shiba Inu's BONE Token Now Listed on Another Crypto Exchange

According to a recent announcement, the Shiba Inu ecosystem remediation token BONE has been listed in StealthEX, an escrow cryptocurrency exchange.

StealthEX is a cryptocurrency exchange used for endless swap, with more than 600 listed crypto assets. Shiba Inu's BONE has newly added the applicable property directory. Now users can exchange or exchange BONE with other applicable properties.

In recent months, BONE has received more and more attention, and then several listed companies have emerged. In September, CoinEx, the headquarters of the company, was listed on the software.

Similarly, BitMart, the data encryption exchange, announced the listing of BONE. In the middle and late August, LBANK, the cryptocurrency exchange, enhanced the application of BoneShibaSwap in software.

It is reported that Saint Vincent and the Grenadines exchanged BlueBit. Io announced its BONE listing in the middle and late August. BONE is expected to be regarded as "natural gas" and reward the verifiers. Because of this special role, 20 million bones have been reserved. Shibarian contractor Unification complained about the public beta of Shibarian to be released.

SHIB and BONE price behavior

When it was published, BONE changed hands at US $1.06, up 1.02% in the past 24 hours. On November 4, SHIB rose from the intraday bottom of $0.00001158 to a higher intraday price of $0.0000136, a sharp increase. SHIB offset part of the increase, but it still rose significantly in the past 24 hours.

At the time of launch, SHIB's trading volume increased by 5.05% to US $0.0000125. The price increase also increased the trading volume by 17%. According to the data information of WhaleStats, on November 3, SHIB ranked among the top 10 ETH dolphins among the 500 largest.