The first policy document of "Meta Universe" in Chengdu will create 9 meta universe application scenarios

Dec 30,2022
The first policy document of

To actively grasp the development opportunities of the meta universe industry, promote the deep integration of the digital economy and the real economy, and better help Rongcheng become a smart, strong manufacturing city and an international consumption center city, the editors of World Chain Finance and Economics will share the information. The Chengdu New Economic Development Leading Group Office recently released the Chengdu Metauniverse Industry Development Action Plan (2022-2025), which is the first policy document in Chengdu that focuses on the meta universe. The following will answer for you.

IThe industrial scale will reach150 billion yuan

reachIn 2025, Chengdu's meta universe industrial system will take shape, and the scale of meta universe related industries will reach 150 billion yuan. In order to actively grasp the development opportunities of the meta universe industry, promote the deep integration of digital economy and real economy, and better help intelligent Chengdu, a strong manufacturing city, and build an international consumption center city.

oneKey industries

By focusing on supporting the relevant industries of the meta universe, we will build a frontier industrial cluster of the meta universe with unique Chengdu characteristics, focusing onTwo meta cosmic industrial development clusters reached 150 billion yuan.

twocore technology

Through tackling blockchainArtificial intelligence, perceptual interaction and basic core technologies of the meta universe, such as digital twins, have established a number of meta universe technology research and innovation platforms, formed a number of technical standards and norms, established a meta universe technology innovation system, and seized the industrial source of the development of the meta universe.

threeIn terms of market players

Main enterprises of the attraction chainCultivate core enterprises, incubate innovative enterprises, introduce and cultivate 10 major enterprises with industrial competitiveness and driving force, cultivate 100 sub track core enterprises, incubate multiple innovative enterprises, and form a meta universe enterprise gradient cluster.

fourApplication scenario

Construction industryIn terms of urban governance, more than 100 innovative application scenarios have been introduced, forming the construction path of the meta universe scenario, and improving the urban meta universe scenario system.

fiveContent reserve

Building a Metacosmic CityIP cluster. Stimulate the creation of meta universe content, promote the circulation and transaction of digital assets, and reserve "rich content" for the long-term development of the meta universe industry. In terms of innovation ecology, we should consolidate the foundation of the development of the meta universe industry, improve the ecological elements of the meta universe industry elements, coordinate the development and safety of the meta universe, accelerate the cultivation and tamp the development ecology of the meta universe industry, and form a good environment for the healthy development of the meta universe industry.

two. Metacosmic application scenario fusion

The Action Plan specifically pointed out that the fusion of meta cosmic application scenarios should be carried out.

onecreate togetherScene of "meta industry"

around"Strong Manufacturing City" Industrial Digital Exhibition Industrial Digital Twin, Focusing on Integrated CircuitsNew display, rail transit, aerospace, cultivate a batch of pilot demonstration scenes of "meta universe+industrial Internet" in industrial UAVs and other fields, and create a new generation of industrial software.

twocreate together"Meta consumption" scenario

Encouraging business districtsEmporium introduces new technologies such as augmented reality, sound and light to build virtual trial wear, AR shopping guide and AR digital consumption scenes, such as interactive games. Innovate online shopping experience, integrate immersive experience, develop digital human technologies such as virtual brand endorsement, virtual live streaming and virtual shopping experience, and expand offline business operation mode.

threecreate together"Meta health" scenario

Encourage the construction of Yuanuniverse Hospital, establish a three-dimensional medical auxiliary diagnosis and treatment platform, and carry out intelligent guidance. Auxiliary inspection, automatic diagnosis and other services.

fourcreate together"Meta education" scenario

Encourage the integration of virtual and realMR teaching system, digital twin intelligent test-bed, XR training system, immersive VR and other technical equipment such as the immersive teaching system of the meta universe are used to improve the authenticity of the teaching process scene, classroom interaction and experimental perception, and break through the bottleneck of traditional online education and training.

fivecreate togetherScene of "Yuan Cultural Tourism"

Activate Wuhou TempleThe content IP of Du Fu Thatched Cottage, Jinsha Relics, Kuan and Zhai Alleys, etc. will promote the deep application of XR.MR to develop a new form of cultural tourism that combines offline theme scenes with online openness.

sixcreate together"Meta entertainment" scene

Support the development of virtual performing arts activities and guide holographic projectionThe technology of body feeling interaction is deeply integrated with events, concerts and concerts to create an immersive "cloud scene" and improve the experience of traditional performing arts events.

sevencreate togetherScene of "Yuan Exhibition"

Support immersive meta universe exhibition and establish cloud exhibition centerCloud activity center and cloud venue promote digital virtual presenter, holographic projection speech, AI artificial intelligence customer service, intelligent simultaneous interpretation and other technology applications, enrich cloud experience, cloud exhibition, cloud transaction, cloud promotion, cloud negotiation one-stop cloud service, and shape the brand of "Chengdu flavor" meta universe exhibition.

eightcreate together"Meta finance" scenario

Build a digital asset trading center, standardize the trading of meta universe products, and provide meta universe data confirmationDesensitization, declassification, pricing, trading and comprehensive supporting services, such as asset management and security.

ninecreate togetherScene of "Yuanrong City"

around"Smart Chengdu" construction, construction integrationIntelligent and intensive urban digital base, build a digital twin city, develop public security, public management and intelligent public service application scenarios, and improve urban agile governance and scientific governance.


To sum up, Chengdu's meta universe industrial system has begun to take shape, and the scale of meta universe related industries has reached150 billion yuan. Establish a complete Chengdu meta universe industrial chain, research and master a number of core technologies, introduce and cultivate a number of high-quality enterprises, create a number of characteristic application scenarios, develop and reserve a number of urban IP, and transform and upgrade the industry. Urban governance plays a leading role in promoting meta universe virtual reality, realizing the value of virtual reality, improving the production efficiency of the real economy, and meeting the needs of people for a better life.