This Address Made 35 ETH into 1,500 ETH in Short Period of Time, Here's How

Dec 03,2022
This Address Made 35 ETH into 1,500 ETH in Short Period of Time, Here's How

"Intelligent currency" is generally called wallet on the Internet. Although the current sales market is not good, these wallet will increase significantly in a few months. Most of these wallets carry out extremely complicated transactions. One of the companies has sold about 1500 ETH in a relatively short period of time.

The detailed address of intelligent currency initially obtained 35 ETHs from Binance. At that time, the price was about 43000 dollars, and the average price of each coin was 1241 dollars, which is close to the price you see in Ethereum today.

Since then, he has been trading the BAO token efficiently, which is a relatively small non-volatile token. From March to November, it has moved within a narrow trading range until it collapsed by a large margin and lost most of its use value. However, the detailed address of intelligent currency easily obtained 58 ETH in the transaction.

BAO token trading can not generate sufficient driving force to promote the strong improvement of the account, which is why traders turn to more uncertain and risky trading strategies, and choose POOL, YAM, APE and other tokens, even the memetic token ELON.

The key to trading countermeasures is to own the above assets in the short term and in the middle and late stages, which most likely depends on the analysis of technical indicators, rather than basic scientific research. The characteristics of tokens mentioned are different from those of new projects such as Ether, Link and Solana. Most of their use value depends on the requirements of foreign exchange speculation, rather than their use and actual value.

With a win rate of 76%, the detailed address well transferred all its assets to USDC, and then recently exchanged it for ETH, which is likely to increase the value of asset allocation again.