What is the mining process of CPU graphics card? Why can I mine instead of CPU?

Oct 18,2022
What is the mining process of CPU graphics card? Why can I mine instead of CPU?

Experts shared that some netizens asked us why GPU can replace CPU for cryptocurrency mining? What is the mining process of GPU?. For a long time, GPU has been used for mining cryptocurrency because it has proved to be more efficient than CPU, which is controversial due to its high power consumption and limited processing speed. The use of GPU for encrypted mining can significantly increase the output, and it will also provide multiple benefits compared to the use of CPU. The following is the expert's answer to the previous two questions.

1、 What is the working process of GPU?

The mining process of GPU will be better understood by understanding what is densified mining. The mining process essentially involves solving complex mathematical problems, which are mainly used to verify and confirm transactions on the blockchain. Participants are called miners. The first person to solve the puzzle will get some cryptocurrencies related to the mining process. In short, encryption mining is a process, which forms the backbone of the decentralized work process of the encryption blockchain. Encryption can only add verified legal currency.

In the mining process, the miners use their currency to evaluate a clear figure. This is called "nonce". Ideally, the abbreviation of "number used only once" has a hash function, such as SHA 256, which is inserted into the random number to be calculated. Then, the miners need to perform multiple calculations at the same time to quickly and correctly solve the problem. This is not an easy task, because the miners do not know exactly what nonce is. However, this is where the GPU comes into play.

It is well known that GPUs can perform complex mathematical calculations to render video images and 3D shapes and graphics. Because there are thousands of parallel processing cores in the modern graphics processing unit, this work becomes very easy. The following steps should be followed for GPU mining:

1. Get and install your GPU

2. Download encrypted mining software

3. Install it and start mining.

This process is relatively simple and can be completed in a few minutes. However, before you start mining your cryptocurrency, you need to create an cryptowallet first. With the cryptowallet, you can decide the specific cryptocurrency you want to mine.

2、 What is the reason for choosing GPU to replace CPU?

The simplest answer to this question is that GPU is more efficient and faster than CPU when mining cryptocurrency. The following are some reasons why GPU can beat CPU and make people prefer GPU mining to CPU mining.

1. Speed

Generally, the clock processing speed of an ordinary GPU can reach 3200 32-bit instructions per clock, while the CPU speed is 800 times higher than 4 32-bit instructions per clock. This also means that GPU will be able to solve more blocks than CPU.

2. Energy efficiency

Another indicator that attracts people more interested in GPU mining than CPU mining is energy efficiency. Energy consumption and depletion of natural energy have always been the main concern of people in mining. As a better currency, GPU uses less energy than CPU, so it is the first choice for people to encrypt mining operations.

3. Maintenance level

GPUs are usually upgraded more frequently than CPUs, so they are not only better in performance, but also easier to maintain than CPUs. At the same time, it can also ensure that the system performance is good and no damage will occur during this process.

4. Difficulty

The last factor is that it is easier to mine cryptocurrencies using GPU than CPU. This is because when you add extra workload to CPUs, they work harder, but also slower. Therefore, it becomes more difficult to perform computing tasks. In addition, if the temperature rises, the whole system may collapse.


The above content is about the process of mining CPU graphics cards by experts? Why can it replace CPU mining cryptocurrency? The answer to these two questions. In addition, mining cryptocurrency with GPU is actually an effortless job. Therefore, it is a correct choice to choose GPU instead of CPU for cryptocurrency mining.