XRP Makes Surprising 12% Jump, Here's Why

Nov 05,2022
XRP Makes Surprising 12% Jump, Here's Why

XRP completed an amazing leap on November 4, rising from the bottom of $0.453 to the highest of $0.507 after the writing. Double ended use of the previous day's rebound from the bottom of $0.448 to promote XRP's rise.

Since October 14, when XRP raised the threshold of $0.51, XRP has refused to enter the range between $0.422 and $0.483 until the recent change. This has brought accumulated opportunities for the holders, resulting in recent price increases.

Another rise may be higher than the US $0.512 touched on October 14. If both sides raise this important level, the next goal may be the $0.558 level. If the RSI changes to a positive level around 60 every day, it may bring benefits to buyers. Similarly, a dead cross on the daily chart may give advantages.

The return of pressure on stock buying may provide an opportunity for holders to rise to the US $0.60 mark. On the other hand, it is possible to find a support point between US $0.42 and US $0.45 from the current level reduction.

When it was announced, XRP changed hands at $0.495, up 8% in the past 24 hours and 7.5% in the past week.

A large number of XRPs have been transformed in the past 24 hours

The digital currency dolphin tracking service project whale Alert reported several transactions involving the transfer of XRP between the trading center and the unknown wallet.

It is noteworthy that within the past 24 hours, 136.6 million XRPs have been transferred from Ripple Friendly Trading Center Bitso to the unknown Dolphin Wallet twice. Several 53200000 XRP transactions with a value of US $24275472, one 83400000 XRP transaction (US $37820802) were transferred from Bitso to the unknown wallet, and then reported by the encrypted data tracker.

On November 3, another 23371175 XRPs worth US $10563718 were transferred from Bitstamp to an unknown wallet. But the previous day, 140 million XRPs moved in the wallet.