Almost $2 Billion out of Binance After Criminal Charges News: Details

Dec 14,2022
Almost $2 Billion out of Binance After Criminal Charges News: Details

Data Encryption Analysis PortalNansenAccording to the report, in the past 24 hours, the capital of Binance, a key cryptocurrency exchange, has flowed out a lot. It is reported that the net outflow is 1.6 billion US dollars, which is limited to ERC20 tokens and ETH itself.

Nansen indicated that the total amount of capital outflow in the past seven days was close to $2 billion, which was still less than the level when investors escaped from the centralized service platform during the collapse of FTX more than a month ago. At that time, Binance flowed out $2.3 billion in a week.

The surge in the loss of funds may have been triggered by an AP article about the United States Attorney's Office considering the accusation against Binance and the management's violation of money laundering and the ban. The head of the exchange, Chang Peng Zhao (commonly known as CZ), called this news FUD (fear, variability and suspicion) and urged everyone not to worry.

Smart money reflects differently

This Nansen investment analyst also noticed the large amount of cash withdrawal from the famous large and medium-sized data encryption online trading platform and market making Jump Trading. As a result, Jump obtained 146 million dollars from Binance last week.

On the other hand, Lookonchain reported that funds from Winter Trading (also the main cryptocurrency sales market manufacturer) poured into the black and yellow exchanges. It is reported that the enterprise has transferred nearly 150 million dollars to Binance in the past few hours, which was previously obtained from Coinbase.