Ancient Ethereum Address Activated After 7 Years

Oct 26,2022
Ancient Ethereum Address Activated After 7 Years

Twitter accountDolphin alarmIt is reported that the detailed address of Ethereum, a pre dug coin containing 200 ETH (US $282115), was challenged after 7.2 years of dormancy

imageReported by:Another Ethereum wallet containing 1947 ETH (2.8 million US dollars based on the current price) also ran in February

In particular, Ethereum Internet will usher in July on July 30. In 2015, this groundbreaking project was completed after the $18 million crowdfunding project.

Shortly after the release, ETH tokens were gradually bought and sold at the Kraken trading center at a price of $2.77, and then fell to $0.68. As of the time of submission, the price of the second largest digital currency is 1476 US dollars

imageReported by:The price of Ethereum has experienced a rapid rise recently, resulting in the use value exceeding 105 million dollars for settlement