Block Dojo’s Craig Massey and Kelly Roberts join Women of BSV in 64th episode

Oct 22,2022
Block Dojo’s Craig Massey and Kelly Roberts join Women of BSV in 64th episode

Since its first appearance in August 2021, Block Dojo (formerly Satoshi Block Dojo) has been making waves in the self entrepreneurship industry of blockchain technology. Just over a year later, Block Dojo strengthened Block Ventures Studio and Dojo Plus under the premise of flagship American business incubator program, and planned to set up service offices in Miami and other technical hot spots.

In order to further understand Dojo's internal operation, the 64th episode of BSV (WOB) Women's Dialogue starred with Diddy Wheldon and Ruth Heathman as Block Dojo CEOCraig Massey and Kelly Roberts, Director of Dealflow.

Roberts said: "We are looking for technology startups that use blockchain technology (especially BSV) to create business technology development trends, and then have practical applications in a wide range of fields.".

She explained that once the start-up company applied for Dojo, Alex Ball, the project leader, would lead them to conduct a 12 week egg formation plan. After 12 weeks of concentration, the start-up company found the project investment application from Gareth Hawkins, the investment director, and Jay Gujral, the manager.

Massey told the story of the first time he heard about blockchain technology, when he went to Antigua and gradually retired. In fact, the Uber driver he came to the airport was Craig Wright and a loyal fan of BSV blockchain technology, which inspired Massey in all the 90 min drive.

Macy recalled: "I did do more scientific research, the key is to use the laptop in the hammock. The deeper I go, the more opportunities I find. I just thought, wow, this is great, it's definitely not true.".

He said: "I think the most important point is that this is a very shocking professional technology, which will be the next occurrence of big data. This is also the next development trend of science and technology, but almost no one knows. It's crazy.".

"I think we have led the way for a few years, so I can see that this is just a surprising opportunity. Therefore, we have been trying to let as many enterprises as possible apply BSV blockchain technology... But we have another one. I think there are two or three years of hard work before large-scale selection," Macy predicted and analyzed.

Dojo expansion plan

To achieve such large-scale selection, we should use BSV blockchain technology and expand to carry out independent innovation by entrepreneurs and enterprises around the world, which is what Block Dojo's elite team is looking forward to cultivating.

Messi said: "The big plan is that once you have these physical models, for us now we have such projects, of course we will go to many different types of big cities to copy this physical model.".

Miami is the next target, but the capital Kuala Lumpur, Vietnam, Lagos and Eastern Europe all pay special attention to its overall goal. From now to 2030, they aim to set up 14 new Dojos around the world.

Messi added: "Now we have a Dojo Plus program. After 12 weeks, people not only make (start-ups) happen in front of most investors, but also they can walk around in our environment and use our own office desks. They can still go online as long as we are very different from most business incubators and network accelerators.".

He explained: "In fact, people give our team assets to invest in every startup, so that they have commercial interests and it runs well.".

Block Ventures Personal Studio

Both Whelton and Hisman are looking forward to hearing more about the recently launched Block Ventures Studio, especially considering that Whelton could personally attend the new product launch a few weeks ago

Block Ventures Studio is led by Osmin Callis, the managing director, who used to be the chief strategic officer of Block Dojo and previously was the business service director of nChain.

According to Messi, the running theme activity "bumped into the rafters". Dr. Crawford Wright attended in person. Then 27 companies asked to hold a half day seminar with the Block Ventures team.

Messi said, "We all know that large enterprises are surprised to become entrepreneurs. We are just a nightmare of bureaucracy. But what they want us to do is skydiving and become their internal" introverts ".".

"It's like our Taoist temple, but it comes from the other end of the telescope," he said.

Dojo joins and helps each other

One of the most wonderful elements of the Block Dojo plan is to realize the new contact ability and the spirit of struggle to help each other, which is a wonderful thing.

Messi showed his enthusiasm for the natural "cross fertilization" trend of startups, and emphasized Soundoshi, a Finnish startup, which is part of Dojo's Cohort One. Messi indicated that English was definitely not the first language of Soundoshi team. When he was building a football field, another founder who spoke English as his native language was very willing to help.

Roberts emphasized that mixed fighting IQ is a data analysis tool for mixed fighting fitness, Pickle is the "uber for traders" (Uber for tradepeople), and both of them graduated from Dojo Sequence 2 of the university. She explained that the founder of Pickler was related to a well-known female friend, a comprehensive fighter. After the introduction, the fighter is now a consultant with mixed fighting intelligence.

Another example is MoveGenius, a special tool established by Hannah Nicholson for novice real estate broker data entry, which benefits from the association created during the new project period of Block Dojo.

Macy predicted and analyzed: "She has won hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Octopus Ventilator Investment Company. She has just left the team. She is already there. So I think she may be our first suitable evacuee, and I think she will soon be snapped up.".

Roberts added: "I think the relationship between the two saved this process and also helped her develop. We have more than 90 teachers, and more than 9 teachers in entrepreneurship space, high-tech entrepreneurship space and a wide range of environments.".

Eureka always

Next, Wheldon wants to know what Massey's "eureka all the time" in BSV blockchain technology is. This is a good problem, because it can make him leave!

He shared: "I feel the pain behind uber. Because I won the inside information about the birth of the Internet two years earlier, this is also all the Hawaiian stories in the United States. I know nothing about this. So this is the first thing.".

He said: "I also like the whole story about how (blockchain technology) to disintermediate such a very large chip, duopoly and crazy Silicon Valley company. These enterprises have been acting like a tyrant and are in the process of supervising the bourgeoisie. We are just contributing to our cave.".

Messi added: "It's a bit like the story of Peter and Goliath. I like to fight with a boy very much, shake his little tail and say, 'Wait a minute, there is another choice.'".

The Last Wise Words of Startups

In order to finish this theme song, WOB stipulates that Messi and Roberts will give final wisdom to entrepreneurs on the problem of completing project investment and surviving in hardship.

Messi said: "I am sure that investors want to see whether you are lasting or not.".

He said:.

He added: "I think the second thing, which is also the key thing, is that you must decipher and do something... You need to constantly sort out your details.".

Roberts fully agreed, and said that this is also the integration of the overall goal, positivism and resilience. Entrepreneurs who have a real overall goal for what they do, plus a level of change, openness and guidance, are what they need.

She suggested, "You don't have to be at a loss for everything. You just have to face the problem squarely.".