Breaking: Ripple Closer to Victory, Court Orders SEC Over "Hinman" Documents

Oct 25,2022
Breaking: Ripple Closer to Victory, Court Orders SEC Over

Stuart Alderoty, Ripple's general counsel, justindicateThe U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission finally complied with the court's order and handed over the long stipulated Xinman documents

Alderoty released this information on Twitter to celebrate the victory of Ripple, so these documents strengthen the legal argument of the blockchain company

He added that such documents are the internal email address of the SEC, and the speech of the former chief financial officer of the company of the regulatory department in 2018, which is still confidential to the public

He wrote: "Although at this stage (at the insistence of the U.S. Stock and Exchange Commission) they still keep their information confidential, I can say that it is worthwhile to win over them. I have always been very satisfied with their arguments on laws and regulations, and now I feel better.". "I have always felt bad about the thinking of SEC, and now I feel even worse about them."

Ripple will not affect its parts

The SEC paid the papersCompliance with court ordersAt the end of last month, it was decided by the Chief Judge of the United States District Court, Aneshary Shevchenko. Prior to the recent ruling, the securities regulatory authority had scorned six other instructions to produce documents

In addition, Ripple has not changed its view, that is, the SEC has no legal provisions to confirm that the original dynamic password XRP of the XRP Ledger blockchain is very secure

In aNew legal notepadSubmitted by the Ripple defendant to resist the simple decision of the SECdisputeThe SEC is still applying the idea that it is equivalent to too much expansion