Building Decentralized Money Is One Of The Most Important Things That Crypto Has To Solve: Terraform Labs’ Do Kwon

Oct 20,2022
Building Decentralized Money Is One Of The Most Important Things That Crypto Has To Solve: Terraform Labs’ Do Kwon
  • In an interview with Laura Shin, founder of Terra Luna Crypto, Do Kwon revealed why he did not disclose his real position in the media.
  • Do Kwon further shared his arrogant view of another self-image on Twitter.
  • Kwon later shared how he posted on Twitter when Terra Luna completely "rose"

In the latest interview with Laura Shin, Do Kwon, the founder of Terraform Labs, quickly solved the growing encryption problem at hand. Kwon pointed out that his next attempt to create a decentralized currency looks very "different". He added that building a decentralized currency is one of the many problems that cryptocurrency should help solve to "strive to achieve a truly decentralized future"

Dao Quan clarified why he did not disclose his position to the authorities

Do Kwon is the latest guest on Laura Shin's Unchained Podcast. In a video interview published on Youtube on October 18, Kwon was pointed out to clarify several problems encountered by the founder of Terraform Labs recently.

When asked whether Tao Quan is still in Singapore, the founder of terraform laboratory said that for security reasons, he did not disclose his real position in the media.

"The main reason why I don't want to talk about my position in the media is that my personal safety was threatened when there was a car accident in May. For example, someone broke into my apartment building, and even several cases were broadcast in my home in Korea and my home in Singapore." Do Kwon Tell Shin

In addition, Kwon further admitted how the Terra Luna project failed, but most people believed that this was not a fraud. He later added that the Terra Luna agreement collapsed due to "the weakness of the agreement in dealing with the cruelty of the market"

In addition, Kwon was also asked about his arrogant attitude on Twitter. At that time, Terra Luna was booming and leading in valuation. He admitted how he was fascinated by "s # itposting"

"I think I was fascinated when I interacted with people on encrypted Twitter, just like" shi # posting "in industry jargon. Right, so I want to review that I should help myself to reach a strict standard. So you know, just because there are some anonymous cartoon characters, we can say that their words are more free, which does not mean that I should follow suit." Kwon tells Shin

Kwon was later asked about his relationship with Basis Cash, which was a failed algorithm to stabilize currency. He replied, "Basis Cash is not something I designed or operated. It is something I encouraged." He later stressed that he was not actively involved in the failed project.

After several upheavals in the field of encryption, Kwon further said that he would continue to establish "highly experimental projects" and claimed that his next attempt would be to create decentralized currencies, which may not be a stable currency or a cryptocurrency linked to the US dollar.

"What happened in Terra is not a fraud or fraud, it is a large-scale market failure, but one thing I want to clarify is that I believe more than anyone in the necessity and feasibility of the decentralized algorithm to stabilize the currency... So I think the next attempt to create a decentralized currency will look very different, so it may not be a stable currency, or a currency pegged to the US dollar." Daoquan reiterated