Craig Wright’s Granath v Wright full testimony: What Bitcoin really is and why I created it

Oct 19,2022
Craig Wright’s Granath v Wright full testimony: What Bitcoin really is and why I created it

We urge all those who are interested in the history of Bitcoin to watch Dr. Craig Wright's testimony in the Danish Integration Court. The evaluation he made when defending Marcus "Hodgonaut" Granath, the appellant, is a complete recollection of the whole story of Bitcoin founder Bitcoin. He also answered many questions about the underlying reasons for Bitcoin, its initial test cases... and hinted at why many people once again spread the work error report of Dr. Wright.

The nearly four hour testimony (which is worth it) originated from the familiar environment of a family of Dr. Wright, his grandfather's identity as a login password destroyer in World War II, and this will harm Wright's personal career. He also provides the key points of the threat to his wife and children, as well as other personal pains in Granata's social network fitness campaign to stigmatize himself. After all, what is the reason for this movement.

Dr. Wright also explained how his work in Lasseters Online Casino, BDO, the audit company, and law enforcement agencies promoted him to start scientific research on distributed systems in the form of cash in data, and comprehensive digital labeling in time format. This job itself has added damage to the first marriage life. Since Wright left a job with rich income, he formally started a yearning to spend a lot of network resources, but failed to guarantee success.

At the beginning, in his opinion, Bitcoin OS was a product that could be sold to large enterprises, and he negotiated with BDO and Microsoft. Both men refused him. The attempt to apply for R&D expenditure led to a multi million dollar dispute with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). Our office was the source of Dr. Wright's appointment as Satoshi in 2015 and several other complaints since then.

Wright's "Sidebar" evaluation tells many stories

Dr. Wright often inserts long and thin "sidebar" comments in his answers, including various questions irrelevant to the characteristics and history of Bitcoin. In his testimony, he mentioned the true meaning of ICO, NFT, data encryption, Bitcoin traceability/auditability, "decentralization" and "point-to-point", micro trading and blockchain size, "small world" network and blind follow private equity fund.

Although Dr. Wright and Granat's lawyers often cut in, these sidebars have two purposes. The first is to show his deep professional knowledge of the subject and explain the concept of being misused. The other is to ensure that the evaluation is now permanent, sworn and recorded. They are all the main topics of Bitcoin, and they are all the goals that Bitcoin must achieve. They also show how many definitions have been distorted by others to suit their own purposes.

An extremely important sidebar evaluation answers some key insights about Bitcoin's characteristics:

"What I want to say is that Bitcoin does not have data encryption. Bitcoin can be taken away, and Bitcoin can be frozen. Bitcoin's action is reasonable. BTC totalitarians have many false reports that they want to return to the drug sales market, child pornography, and paedophilia, and they do not want Bitcoin's law enforcement. I think we can ensure that judges and people's courts understand that Bitcoin in is not encrypted, and we can also follow the law The hospital orders to detain, freeze clean and browse. I feel sure to master countless node lies. You know that BTC has 15 nodes, three of which hold 59% of today's hash output power. "

The passage of Dr. Wright's testimony shows that the value of the intellectual property he created is more meaningful to him than the value of its Bitcoin. This includes the Bitcoin protocol itself, as well as other software and processes he invented. Some of them operate on Bitcoin, while others operate before Bitcoin. He described that in the early days of his "travel" as Sato, its top priority was to protect its patent rights, because "this is also the most useful thing I have"

In the cross examination, Wright answered how this person first structured the "Satoshi" key into a key segment for data encryption, then into Wright International Investments, and other companies that announced that they would regain control in 2020 blindly followed the wind. This process is to protect its patent rights from being damaged by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). The enterprise felt that its Bitcoin scientific research was "an unwise preference" and useless, but later threatened to collapse.

In his testimony, Dr. Wright described that he had a broad environment in digital forensics and financial auditing. After the establishment of Bitcoin, he first thought that it was a deployed commodity, which could simplify the actual operation of financial audit, and was a time format and data validation system software. He gave more consideration to the identification of physical products and property, and used simple data cash as definition confirmation. The hard coding of the now famous Times headline "The Chancellor of the Exchequer will ask the bank to implement the second QFLP" is itself a time format system, which proves that nothing can be generated on the Bitcoin Internet before this.

Whether before or after the accidental announcement in the 2015 articles of Wired and Gizmodo, he was obviously reluctant to "stand up" like Sato. After considering and announcing the combination of Wright and Sato, the struggle continued. Wright often felt he was bearing the brunt of it. He wanted to show what he didn't want to prove, and also wanted to control his life again.

Cross examination puts forward the opposite position

The second half of the video is Dr. Tim's interrogation. Granat's lawyer's question mainly focused on the historical time key points described by Wright in his initial testimony, the small details in his email address and other letters, and the level of other memories of some details. With the problem again, Wright's mentality changed, especially when Granant's lawyer saw Jameson Camo's long article "debunking" every one of his ideas. His answer was more provocative, and he was forced to express various questions in response to the continuous rebuke of the slanderer, which was obviously very angry.

Various issues related to several kinds of accusations made by Dr. Wright to debunk his opinion in wikipedia content and online articles published by the enemy over the years. One of the charges refutes Wright's testimony that he was "never convicted". When the lawyer emphasized that Wikipedia mentioned the former contempt court "conviction" in New South Wales, Wright emphasized that this was not a crime in Australia, and therefore not a conviction. In the dispute involving the tax bureau, he "showed very aggressive behavior in the dock", and was sentenced to community convenience service punishment.

A simple but crucial question is whether Dr. Wright has the right to use the Bitcoin public key of Ben George in the "right to use" (defined as blockchain 1-12 for the effect of the People's Court). Dr. Wright said that now he does not have a password, but whether he has a login password is very complicated: Bitcoin has a part of the login password key in many aspects, and I may have some evidence related to this key without knowing the exact identifier they involve.

In particular, Dr. Wright's enemies will generally refine his argument as the most basic "Does he have Sato keys?" However, as Wright strictly enforced in his testimony, the words "you have" and "you have" become more and more complicated when it comes to Bitcoin, private equity funds and enterprise architecture. Therefore, the key question is "Craig Wright Satoshi Nakamoto?" You cannot respond with a set of bitcoin keys that are easy to browse. Tragically, this statement is often ignored. Another key reason is to deal with it.

"How can I browse public keys?" I inquired. Wright replied, "I think the statement is that we don't need to do this.". "It is my optimized algorithm for calculating public key."

For many years, Dr. Wright has been trying to protect his patent rights and property and disguise his role in Bitcoin creation, rather than prove this. In order to achieve this, he has created a multi-layer structure of enterprises, private equity funds and legal arrangements. He must now describe it to help unlock the history of Bitcoin. It was like watching a reverse engineering trial, which was carried out by a person who did not know much about the finished product or the project involved, and expressed by a founder who was obviously unwilling to reveal everything. Interwoven with key technologies are usually very personal stories about business services and relationships, life crises and their harmful consequences.

This series of detailed video testimonies reflects the human side of the Bitcoin story. Over the years, we have heard from cypherpunk and the blockchain community that "coding is the law and regulation" and similar views, but this is not the case. A human world still exists, and will again exist under people's laws and regulations. Bitcoin is created by us to serve people in the project. The operation of Bitcoin Internet is attributed to the encouragement of human behavior economy. Similarly, many behaviors outside the Internet also determine the conclusion. This trial is one example.