DOGE Core Developer Refutes Rumors About Transition of Dogecoin to POS

Dec 30,2022
DOGE Core Developer Refutes Rumors About Transition of Dogecoin to POS

Michi Lumin, a key developer of Dogecoin, responded to rumors on Twitter that Dogecoin could then become a bet. Negative emotions may be fuelled by the views of Vitalik Buterin, founder of Etherum. Shortly after the Etherum merger, Vitalik Buterin said it expected other blockchain technologies, such as Dogecoin and Zash, could also be used for reference.

The consensus mechanism of bet confirmation (POS) depends on landmarks, while the POW system used by Dogecoin depends on excavation. Dogecoin is currently the second largest chain of captive franchises after Bitcoin.

According to Doge Core developers, influential people, although they seem to have a large number of followers, may not know anything about Dogecoin.

She adds that it may be relevant to grasp how trends take full advantage of blockchain technologies such as Dogecoin, closer to the more older BTC technology than modern ERC20 OTP.

According to Lumin, Dogecoin operates in accordance with the "consensus", so it proved impossible to transfer Dogecoin to a bet, and personal and physical lines could not plan to do so. "it is impossible to 'move' to Pos suddenly and reluctantly," she wrote.

The best way is to let the ruling party outline it in the proposal, or even number it, and let the community street verifier decide whether to adopt it or not.

She refuted the plan to transfer Dogecoin to betting evidence, saying: "No, there is no 'plan' to move Dogecoin' to Pos."

In turn, she hinted at a plan that would be submitted to the community for comprehensive inspection-a proposal for this area.

Taking full account of the current trend in the community on this matter, Lumin predicts that such a plan will be prejudiced. She stressed that this proposal may differ from traditional POS in many ways.

The Dogecoin developer concluded that such plans could only exist as a proposal until general permission was obtained to promote the plan.