Doge Founder Slams Shiba Inu, Here's What for This Time

Nov 11,2022
Doge Founder Slams Shiba Inu, Here's What for This Time

In 2013, Billy Markus, an IT technical engineer, collaborated with Yiyang Qianxi to establish Dogecoin. He once again accused the "dog killer" Zhiye dog. This time, the potential recovery of FTX was announced by Binance Exchange.

The co founders of Doge answered a tweet from Binance's CZ about how to avoid committing the same incorrect basic process as FTX. On November 8, Binance announced and signed a non binding agreement of intent to recycle FTX; Since the agreement is "non binding", Binance can withdraw from the agreement at any time.

CZ brings two very important proposals to its followers. The first is to never use the local dynamic password on the platform as collateral. Sweden indicated that they never considered BNB as a kind of product. The second proposal is to have a large reserve of funds to prevent all liabilities.

The customer left an ironic message about whether CZ would change the name of FTX Arena (a large and medium-sized arena in Miami, California, which is irrelevant to data encryption) to BNB Arena.

Twitter user @ WSBChairman cynically wrote that Zhao Changpeng would probably name it "Shiba Inu Arena". Then Billy Markus intervened, indicating that this would be an awkward name. However, in a later comment, he jokingly proposed that it be named "Doge Arena"

Earlier this year, Markus criticized SHIB Metaverse, most of whom believed that it was just a way of making excess cash for developers who had made money through the production and release of SHIB. As far as he is concerned, SHIB development team plans to earn another 100 million to 300 million dollars in this area, and the service promises that SHIB holders will be able to make money through the Internet.

Markus announced that he suspected that building virtual land resources on Etherum could improve all common tools for SHIB service platform.