Fight Between FTX and Binance Escalates

Nov 08,2022
Fight Between FTX and Binance Escalates

Long term consideration of tension between the two countriesBinansandInches per square meterThese two largest participants in the digital currency field recently reached the melting point and made public appearances.

imageReported by:Zhao Changpeng, CEO of Binance, confirmed on Sunday that due to "recent exposure", the enterprise has determined to settle all its FTX (FTT) tokens

When this surprising information was released, there was a rumor that Alameda Research was involved in financial and tax issues, and it was a key business company closely related to FTX. Many people speculate whether Alameda has a capital adequacy ratio, because in fact it is particularly open to FTT tokens.

After the token price continued to fall, Caroline Ellison, CEO of Alameda Research, responded that the company had additional assets on its balance sheet, thereby alleviating the anxiety of the sales market. In addition, Ellison indicated that Alameda wanted to buy FTT tokens from Zhao.

The contradiction update of two digital currency bosses. In a subsequent tweet, Zhao responded that Binans was unwilling to apply "persuading and boycotting participants in other industries"

Ryan Salame, CEO of FTX Collaboration, said in a tough tweet that Zhao "is simply the worst". Salam then said that he was invited to buy tokens according to the bank counter, "to prevent all retail from being hurt", but he chose to "cause pain"

Sam Bankman, FTX president, saidGo to TwitterEarlier today, it brought more driving force to this TV series.

Bankman Fried claimed that FTX's competitors were trying to attack its enterprises based on the spread of "false rumors". Bankman Frid paid attention to the company's steady financial growth. "FTX has sufficient funds to cover all customers' stock holdings," he added.

In another tweet, Bankman Fried showed that he was willing to cooperate with Zhao in order to make the ecosystem work.