First-Ever BSC-to-Cardano Bridge Goes Live

Nov 01,2022
First-Ever BSC-to-Cardano Bridge Goes Live

Cornucopias is a money winning game (P2E) focusing on the game of Cardano. It announced the release of the first BSC to Cardano BridgeRecent articles.

The bridge is jointly developed with ChainPort. It is a unlicensed data encryption bridge that claims to provide agent level security.

The customer cannot seamlessly migrate its COPI dynamic password from BSC to Cardano. They must have at least 5000 COPI tokens to transfer money

According to the publicity, Input Output, a research and development company focusing on Cardano, has also made contributions to the development and design of bridge mode solutions

Like bridges in the physical world, blockchain bridges enable them to connect with each other by promoting communication between different digital currency ecosystems

In June last year, Cardano launched its first cross chain bridge with the Nervos blockchain to ensure the interoperability between the two service platforms. In September, Input Output and Bondly collaborated to create the Cardano to Ether bridging mode solution

In August, a bridge connected by Sifchain power supply systemCardano and SpaceNew opportunities for participants in these ecosystems

Earlier this yearBridge USDCFrom Ether Blockchain to Cardano Internet

Cardano Outreach described the operation of the BSC Cardano overpass as the "great development trend" of the ecosystem

Earlier that month, BSC was siphoned off about US $500 million after the cyber attack tried to fake the human withdrawal. In order to solve the problem after hackers' invasion, we quickly launched an update