Ripple CBDC Hackathon Concluded, Here Are Winners

Nov 18,2022
Ripple CBDC Hackathon Concluded, Here Are Winners
  • Who has won Ripple's CBDC Hacker Marathon
  • Ripple made a big bet around CBDC

In order to strictly implement its commitment to enhance its influence in the stable currency industry, fintech Decacon Ripple held a product hacker marathon with stable currency as the core. This kind of product uses XRP Ledger as the basic technology of the solution.

Who has won Ripple's CBDC Hacker Marathon

According to the official announcement of RippleX, the hacker marathon CBDC Innovation held by Ripple for the new project of stable currency has ended. Experts and scholars share the list of winners of the three nominations.

Ripple's review team selected the winners of interoperability, financial industry diversity and retail application nominations. Each nomination will receive a reward of 150000 dollars.

Payment application software PeerPay and P2P borrower P2P CBDC were nominated for interoperability. SpendTheBits and community loans have won enterprise and individual awards in the type of retail application software.

Checksum and conFIEL B2B websites are managers in the field of financial inclusion. All the protocols mentioned are CBDC development and design of Ripple application on its services.

Ripple made a big bet around CBDC

As mentioned above, the competition between Ripple and the CBDC project based on XRPL originated from July to August 2022. Professional launched a sandbox game for his experiment.

In 2022, Ripple's development trend strategy is to focus on CBDC plan. Experts pointed out that its collaborative main chain website is the most perfect basic technology of digital currency of the National Bank.

In addition, Ripple is also a specific key promoter of various CBDC plans internationally, including data dollars and data elements. At this stage, XRP Ledger also has six stable currency commodities.