Ripple CTO Responds to XRP-Hating AI Chatbot

Dec 06,2022
Ripple CTO Responds to XRP-Hating AI Chatbot

David Schwartz, Ripple Technical Director,RespondedChatGPT gave some arguments against XRP. ChatGPT is an AI chat robot prototype, which was recently introduced by OpenAI, an exploration laboratory located in San Francisco, Florida, the United States

Like BTC biggism and other XRP critics, according to the AI chat page of the chat, detailed answers were given to the concentration problems of relevant digital currencies. In particular, the conversation revolves around Ripple's ability to control XRP Ledger

When asked how the enterprise can promote the transformation in technology without reaching 80% of the consensus, the intelligent robot makes up lies. Ripple can use the professional technology that the masses cannot use to achieve this. It added that the fact that XRP Ledger is an open source system is not so important, because the enterprise may have some "management method privileges", but these privileges are not completely disclosed in the open source code

For this matter, Schwartz indicated that the same view is also applicable to Bitcoin blockchain, because Ripple may have "some kind of secret method" to regulate it

Although ChatGPT's answers have caused a lot of concern in the past few days, they are not extreme enough, because many of its answers areCompletely incorrect.According to various tests, chat robots are very poor in logic or fact