SHIB Lead Dev Posts Mysterious Tweet: "Initial Design Approved" — Shibarium?

Nov 19,2022
SHIB Lead Dev Posts Mysterious Tweet:
  • The tweet reads: "The preliminary design is approved"
  • SHIB metaverse team showcased several new centers
  • About SHIB Metacosmic Center

The top developers of Shiba Inu Shytoshi Kusama, who are now committed to Shibarium, have long shared a secret but optimistic statement on Twitter.

However, the community always wants to ask "wen Shibarium".

The tweet reads: "The preliminary design is approved"

Shytoshi Kusama spread the news that the "preliminary design" was approved, and added that he could "continue to work hard"

He did not actually indicate what the positive information was about, so in the evaluation of the case clues, one of the SHIB troops gradually learned that it was also about Shibarium or Shiba Eternity 2.

SHIB developer did not post.

However, in a word, the response of the street was proactive, although the tweet was a bit vague.

SHIB metaverse team showcased several new centers

Earlier this week, SHIB elite team launched two new centers for metaverse, demonstrating conceptual art to the society on Twitter.

The first one is called "desert", which represents a green state, a "very large, shaped and modern" indoor space, suitable for travelers who like challenges, and has dazzling landscape architecture and cool sea water.

The second defining handicraft presented to SHIB troops this week is the high-tech trench center. The design idea of the latter comes from the world's top science and technology colleges and schools, including Stanford University and Brown University in the United States, Otemon Gakuin University in Japan, Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower and Rolex Watch Learning and Training Center in Germany and Switzerland.

SHIB development team has jointly developed the meta universe with The Third Floor (TTF), a large and medium-sized data visualization personal studio.

About SHIB Metacosmic Center

Earlier this year, with the development team maintaining the warmth of the community during the specific operation of the project, the other two centers of the Metauniverse were announced.

Wheels are virtual land resources in the meta universe, of which 100595 will be located in the meta universe. When the meta universe is completely ready, 36431 will be opened.

By the end of August, about 5600 individuals or entities had bought 19000 pieces of virtual land resources.