SOL, DOT, AVAX and Other Ethereum Killers Down 80% From Their ATH, ETH Winning

Oct 31,2022
SOL, DOT, AVAX and Other Ethereum Killers Down 80% From Their ATH, ETH Winning

The Ethereum murderers appeared in every bull market of the cryptocurrency market, and almost every time they lost more than the cryptocurrency destroyed by their own plan. In the bull market of 2021, at least three "killers" feel bad today.

According to the main performance of the above asset markets, the average yield of each Ethereum competitor is about - 80% higher than the historical highest value. In terms of market performance, the most reasonable property is DOT, down 88%.

Solana was once close to and beyond the Ethereum market, including NFT and DeFi. However, it experienced a very serious bull market and could not find any moderate recovery support. The biggest challenge of SOL has always been the technical difficulty on the Internet.

The stability of Solana has become a meme under certain circumstances, because it has been steadily decreasing around the weekend, which makes some people think that the blockchain technology is closed at the weekend and opened again on Monday.

Because of the lack of technological sustainability, Solana is no longer the best choice for many blockchain developers. They were aiming to build blockchain technology solutions on it.

AVAX is another Ethereum competitor, committed to bringing more scalability and convenience to consumers and developers. The relatively high trading output rate is mainly the product selling point. However, with the upgrade of Merge, Ethereum is expected to become faster and faster, and has a stable cost structure during the large network load period, which makes projects like AVAX more and more irrelevant.

Ethereum itself has not become a harbor for investors in inflation hedging transactions or data encryption. ATH has lost nearly 70% of its value, which also makes ETH become another risk asset that no one needs in the market at this stage.