This Cardano NFT Is up 80% in Volume After Snoop Dogg's New Video

Nov 23,2022
This Cardano NFT Is up 80% in Volume After Snoop Dogg's New Video

Clay Nation is one of the most popular collections in Smano NFT. After Champ Medici and his father Snoop Dogg released a music video, it became more important. Since the video was uploaded, the trading volume of the collection has exceeded 100000 ADAs, and the total sales volume has reached 27 NFTs, with an average of 4120 ADAs. So far, the trading volume of Clay Nation series has reached 30 million ADAs.

The short video mixes the iconic clay reality with our ordinary reality, while Snoopy Dogg, his children and the character of Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, portray a classic Rap representation, which is just a dream at the end.

Revitalization of NFT market

Clay NationRap family has successfully re established the NFT market. At this stage, the NFT market is suffering from a very serious recession. In fact, Champ Medici is a part of Clay Nation. Joining Clay Nation in summer also plays a very important role.

It can't be ignored that there was such an interesting collaboration on Cardano, and at that time the founder of blockchain technology was also actively engaged in it. Cardano has always maintained a leading position in the NFT market. It is very likely to gain more market share from Solana by taking full account of the problem.