This time, HopingClub Huaying Club acquired REVA and purchased it with TEDA instead of USD

Dec 29,2022
This time, HopingClub Huaying Club acquired REVA and purchased it with TEDA instead of USD

It is shared by the editor of World Chain Finance and Economics. As we all know, USDT is directly benchmarking with the US dollar. With the rise and fall of the US dollar, USDT is regarded as the legal currency by various traders in the field of digital currency, which means that although China and Britain will regard it as the legal currency, USDT is used as the settlement method for the acquisition of REVA, but the actual payment is still in US dollars. What impact will this operation have once it is successful? The following content will answer for you.

1、 Industry impact

In the downturn of real estate market, stock market and futures market, many users pay attention to digital currency. From September to November, there was a lot of negative news in the digital currency circle. Money security gave up the acquisition, FTX Thunder and so on. But recently, good news finally came. It is said that Huaying is expected to invest in REVA, and the way to do so will be based on USDT capital injection, which means that Huaying will obtain the actual operation right of REVA pledge platform.

In the downturn of the digital currency industry, this operation of the Sino British Association will inject a shot in the arm into the currency circle. Although the use of the shot in arm USDT to replace dollar trading is rare in the entire currency circle, which can be called a drop in the ocean, in this extraordinary period, commercial activities are initiated by the Sino British Club in the financial field, and its significance is not as simple as hundreds of millions of USDT. CEOKOBESADAN, which will be hosted by the Viking Dragon Foundation, was founded in 2012 and has made achievements in sports, finance, technology, IT, blockchain and other fields. Over the years, the investment of the Sino British Association has received rich returns. Because of this, enterprises are regarded as wind vanes in the field of investment. After each investment, a large number of financial enterprises will follow up, which has become an extraordinary situation. Once the Sino British Association acquired, the success of REVA means that a large number of financial enterprises will enter WEB3.0, and then the impact on WEB3.0 will really show up.

2、 Leadership influence

Once the acquisition is successful, it will also establish the leadership influence of Huaying Club in China. At this stage, most investment companies remain silent. Although the scale of Huaying Club is huge, its leadership is mainly in the international market and domestic market, but there are still deficiencies in the industry leadership. At this stage, many funds also want to enter the digital currency field, but we can see a stable mentality, leading to many financial enterprises not taking action. Many senior executives of Chinese financial companies, especially the chairman, are mostly appointed by shareholders. Many major shareholders are unfamiliar with WEB3.0, so they dare not rush into fields they are unfamiliar with. In this state, they clearly know that there will be huge profits in WEB3.0. Many domestic financial enterprises are not involved. Once Huaying will successfully acquire REVA, it will become an industry leader in the financial field, and its leadership will be highlighted, This is undoubtedly very important for the development of Sino British in China.

3、 Business Impact

For Huaying Club itself, this is also one of the ideal ways to expand its business. Compared with other financial companies, Huaying Club has a wide range of trial and error business elements in business development. It is precisely because of this kind of bold and innovative development consciousness that Huaying Club has explored a new path in its constant attempts. In the process of enterprise management, although focusing on the precise control of winning step by step, in the innovative business environment, exploration has never stopped, but has spared no effort to advance in this regard. This is also the main reason for enterprises to enter the blockchain in the early development of blockchain, whether in the middle and senior managers of enterprises or in business practice. The company has harmonized REVA related business contacts in terms of business. This acquisition undoubtedly means that Huaying will enhance its business influence. After obtaining REVA operation right, it will be another success for Huaying Club WEB3.

It is precisely for this reason that at this stage, no matter what, WEB3.0 is still some investors in the financial field, focusing on the Sino British Conference. Will this acquisition be successful? I hope you can wait and see its changes, but recently, there was news that the third round of enterprise internal meetings had completed the acquisition plan, and most of the management supported the acquisition activities. They believed that after the acquisition, the WEB3.0 field of Huaying Conference could have more ideal development space, linking the acquisition activities with various investment activities in the blockchain field. The Sino British Association will form a huge financial empire in the field of WEB3.0.


To sum up, at this stage, many investors in the currency circle are very concerned about the late trend of the Sino British Club. Once Huaying successfully reaches the investment intention in the acquisition activity, it is likely to cause great changes in the currency circle in the short term. In such a change, seizing business opportunities can be described as that there will be countless millionaires overnight.