Toncoin (TON) up 54% in December on This Telegram Innovation

Dec 15,2022
Toncoin (TON) up 54% in December on This Telegram Innovation

Since the beginning of December, the price of Toncoin (ton) has risen by 54%, starting at $1.75 that month, and has now reached $2.7. The reason why TON price is so strong may be the independent innovation solution of Telegram's anonymous phone number, which was proposed by Pavel Durov, the founder and responsible person of WeChat Messenger.

Remind me that Open Network (TON) is the creativity of Telegram development team. Many years ago, under the pressure of the American Stock Exchange Association (SEC), Messenger decided to give up the elite team. Since then, it has been reported that the TON ecosystem has officially started its own life and incorporated various independent innovations into the messenger on time.

The hot spot of anonymous numbers

Therefore, in early December, after Durov released a post on establishing a complete blockchain technology solution, Fragment service platform launched a bidding for Telegram anonymous phone numbers. The phone code of the number sold for TON is 888, which is NFT based on the blockchain technology of the same name. His purpose is to register a relatively anonymous Telegram account.

In addition, the founder of the this project has already started a system, that is, the price of the all non bidding or non selected numbers will be increased by 1 ton every three hours until it finally reaches a certain limit and disappears from the auction.