U.S. Senator Claims That Crypto Shouldn’t Exist

Dec 12,2022
U.S. Senator Claims That Crypto Shouldn’t Exist

Sunday, Senator Jon Tester (Arkansas)Have ideasIn NBC's "Meet the Press" program, cryptocurrency should not exist

The tester told the program host Chuck Todd: "I'm not a financial person who does supervision, but I can't see why there is such a thing."

The senator felt that the largest cryptocurrency could not be detected by "olfactory nerve"

Testers feel that the quality of cryptocurrency market comes from nothing

No need to regulate cryptocurrency

As rReporterElizabeth Warren, a senator from Missouri, is known as one of the toughest critics of cryptocurrency on Capitol Hill. She recently published a column in the Wall Street Journal. In her opinion, cryptocurrency can destroy all economic development without proper regulation. Last year, Warren compared the purchase of Bitcoin to the purchase of gas

Unlike other cryptocurrency reformers, the testers called for strict supervision of cryptocurrencies. The Montana senator felt that policies and regulations might in fact make cryptocurrency legal. "If we regulate them, it may make people think that it really exists," he said