What are the meta universe digital currencies? Is there any difference between virtual currency and digital currency?

Dec 07,2022
What are the meta universe digital currencies? Is there any difference between virtual currency and digital currency?

What are the meta universe digital currencies? Is there any difference between virtual currency and digital currency? The universe opens the door to new experiences and endless possibilities. Thanks to blockchain technology, you can use cryptocurrency to buy and sell items in the meta universe. The growing popularity of web3 has recently spawned a large number of new cryptocurrencies, but especially which cryptocurrencies have the greatest potential in the meta universe?

What are the meta universe digital currencies?


Decentraland (digital currency code: MANA) includes a decentralized domain ownership ledger, an agreement describing the content of each domain, and a peer-to-peer network for user interaction. Decentraland is a distributed shared virtual platform. On this platform, users can browse and find content and interact with other people and entities. Users can also claim ownership of virtual territories through blockchain based land ledgers. The territory is defined by rectangular coordinates (X, Y), and its owner can decide the content published on the territory, including interactive systems such as static 3D scenes and games. Territory is an irreplaceable and transferable rare digital asset stored in Ethereum smart contract, which can be purchased with ERC20 token named MANA. The MANA token can be used to purchase territory, goods and services, and can also be used as an incentive to encourage content creation and user adoption, thus realizing a decentralized virtualization.


Axie Infinity (AXS coin) is a digital pet based on Ethereum blockchain and inspired by Pokemon. Anyone can get token rewards by participating in the game and making contributions to the game. The project vision is to integrate work and entertainment. Axie Infinity has become a digital pet community integrating collection, training, breeding, fighting and social play. Each Axie has unique genetic data stored on the Ethereum chain, which has unique value.


The Sandbox (SAND coin) is a virtual game. Through the functional token SAND based on Ethereum, players can create and have different game experiences and get benefits from it. Gamers can create digital assets (non homogenous tokens, also known as NFT) through The Sandbox Game Maker, upload them to the store, and create a game experience by simple dragging. The Sandbox is a community driven platform where creators can monetize the block chain of voxel assets and game experience. The Sandbox Metauniverse is composed of 166464 LANDS maps.


Chromia (CHR coin) is a new blockchain platform, mainly used for decentralized applications. Compared with Ethereum, Chromia has the greatest advantage of faster speed and more flexible charging strategy. It is designed for the shortcomings of the existing platform, and aims to enable the new generation of programs (dapps) to expand beyond the current possible scope. Chromia is both a blockchain and a relational database. This means that distributed applications (dapps) can be written in a way that is familiar to all developers, whether it is large enterprise applications, games, or small projects.


TLM is the token of the Alien Worlds project, and Alien Worlds is the meta universe of NFT DeFi, which can simulate the economic competition and cooperation between players. By encouraging players to obtain Trilium (TLM), users can control the Planet DAO and obtain more game playing methods.

In the universe of Alien Worlds, players can obtain NFT (digital game items) to mine TLM, fight and complete tasks in the game. According to their strategy, players can purchase and assemble the NFT that best suits their game playing methods. In addition, players can participate in the management by electing six members of the Planet DAO, thus affecting the direction of the game.


SLP (Small Love Potion) is an ERC-20 token that can be used on the Ethereum blockchain. Axie Infinity is a game (dapp) running on the Ethereum blockchain, where users can collect, feed, breed and fight virtual creatures named axes. Axies are very similar to real life pets, each with its own unique characteristics and appearance.

The difference between virtual currency and digital currency

Digital currency is often mistaken for virtual currency. But virtual currency refers to non real currency. For example, when you play Three Kingdoms (games) or go sailing, you have money, and that money is virtual. Of course, those virtual money will also have its real value. For example, if you buy her/his account from another player, you can get all the virtual assets of that player, and then it will be much easier for you to continue playing. Virtual currency is not necessarily digital. For example, children play games with small stones as virtual currency.

Compared with virtual currencies such as Bitcoin, digital RMB is legal currency, equivalent to legal currency, and its effectiveness and security are the highest. Bitcoin is a virtual asset, which has no value basis and does not enjoy any sovereign credit guarantee. It cannot guarantee the stability of value. This is the most fundamental difference between the central bank's digital currency and crypto assets such as Bitcoin.

In general, the above content introduces in detail what the meta universe digital currency is and the difference between virtual currency and digital currency. I believe you will understand it after reading it. In fact, the essence of digital currency is different from that of virtual currency. Digital currency has three basic functions: value storage carrier, transaction payment medium and valuation/accounting unit. However, digital currency is the inevitable result of the development of digital economy to a certain stage.