What is smart contract audit? Why is smart contract audit important?

Dec 12,2022
What is smart contract audit? Why is smart contract audit important?

What is smart contract audit? Smart contract security is now one of the most important aspects of blockchain technology. Smart contracts can be used in many areas, such as banking, supply chain management, managing digital assets and music business. They provide a framework for making decentralized applications and can be used in many industries for many reasons. This article will discuss the meaning and importance of smart contract audit.

1、 What is smart contract audit?

The focus of introducing smart contract audit should be its definition. Smart contracts are responsible for allocating high-value resources in complex, innovative and autonomous networks. In addition to identifying and tracking the transfer of physical assets and intellectual property, smart contracts can also facilitate and validate financial transactions. Therefore, security and consistency are critical to ensuring the intended functionality.

Smart contract audit is one of the most famous smart contract security best practices, which is crucial to creating reliable protection for smart contracts. Audits help identify potential security flaws in smart contracts and determine how they might affect their work. Thorough auditing can help define and protect intelligent protocols for projects or applications.

Since transactions on the blockchain network cannot be revoked, violating the security of smart contracts will make consumers unable to retrieve their own assets. The smart contract audit will emphasize the analysis of the code that supports the terms and conditions of the smart contract to identify vulnerabilities more quickly. When you find weaknesses before implementing smart contracts, you can prevent the adverse and costly consequences of security vulnerabilities.

2、 The Importance of Smart Contract Security Audit

To avoid worrying about security, bad behavior and inefficiency, it may cost more to design and use smart contracts. For example, even small mistakes in intelligent protocol programming may lead to the loss of valuable assets. The fact that developers want an audit tool for smart contracts shows that the security of smart contracts is their top concern.

The most exciting thing about smart contracts is that they cannot be changed after implementation. In addition, security vulnerabilities may lead to the loss of smart contracts and their assets. The Ethereum Road incident, which caused a loss of 60 million dollars, is a well-known case of creative contract security problems. The importance of smart contract security audit can be better understood through the following points:

1. Intelligent contract code audits performed early in the development lifecycle may reduce the cost of potentially disruptive errors after clever contract deployment.

2. The auditor of smart contract security will carefully check and manually review the code of smart contract to prevent adverse consequences.

3. In decentralized applications based on smart contracts, security audit also ensures the security of assets to all owners.

4. A comprehensive smart contract audit may help to obtain analysis results, including an overview of implementation, details of identified vulnerabilities, and suggested mitigation strategies.

5. Following the audit of smart contracts to write scripts and change code may help avoid security problems introduced directly through contract code.

6. The audit of smart contracts can also provide continuous security assessment for the enhancement of the development environment.


The above is an introduction to the meaning and importance of smart contract audit. When smart contract audit is introduced, it shows how important it is to the future of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Most decentralized applications in the blockchain ecosystem promote transactions through smart contracts. However, the openness of smart contracts on the blockchain makes them vulnerable to attacks by malicious parties.

A comprehensive audit of smart contracts may help to identify contract defects before they cause problems. Manual and automatic modes can be selected according to the code and audit requirements of the smart contract.