Which enterprises accept Bitcoin payment? Can Bitcoin become a means of payment?

Nov 22,2022
Which enterprises accept Bitcoin payment? Can Bitcoin become a means of payment?

Bitcoin payment has not been popularized in China, and there is no authoritative list of all enterprises that accept cryptocurrency as a means of payment. However, many integrators on the Internet have also listed some enterprises that accept cryptocurrency. Then, let's follow Xiao Bian to have a look.

Which enterprises accept Bitcoin payment?

According to Virtual Coin Squad, there are 54 large enterprises that accept cryptocurrency (although the specific number is much higher), of which only two, MazeFit and ShinyLeaf, do not accept bitcoin. Expedia, Mozilla and Shopify all accept Bitcoin; 25 kinds of lait coins; 13 kinds of Ethereum; 14 kinds of Bitcoin cash; 12 Monroe coins; 15 kinds of dog coins. In other words, as a payment method, Bitcoin is a very useful cryptocurrency. The reason is simple. Most of the companies that accept cryptocurrencies accept bitcoin, which is hard to say other cryptocurrencies.

Naturally, the roster is not completely detailed, but there are many other resources that verify this situation. UseBitcoin is a directory of enterprises and retailers, containing more than 5000 other loan currencies). Although it is impossible to check which cryptocurrency companies accept in their tables, it also reveals that most of the companies that accept cryptocurrencies accept bitcoin, but most of them do not accept other cryptocurrencies.

The same is true of the information provided by Coinmap. Users can use it to search game maps and cryptocurrencies. For example, a search in New York showed that there were 136 companies in the city center (Manhattan and Brooklyn). Many of them only accept Bitcoin, such as Tony Deli, BigBoyDeli and GLineDeli in Brooklyn. They all have their own Bitcoin ATMs.

Nowadays, more and more companies not only accept Bitcoin, but also Bitcoin. The community manager Bach of SatoshiLabs (in Prague, operating the Coinmap website) explains to Cointelgraph what Nguyen explained to Cointelgraph:

"If I can speak on behalf of Prague and the Czech Republic, you will witness the expansion of cryptocurrency acceptance. Letcoin or Ethereum now starts to accept the regions that used to accept Bitcoin. Some people even provide Bitcoin cash ATM. However, Bitcoin still dominates, and it is the first cryptocurrency."

It can be seen from the above that the increase in the acceptance rate of competitive currency loans not only verifies that the public can accept cryptocurrency more and more, but also means a large number of cryptocurrency payment services customized for enterprises.

Can Bitcoin become a means of payment?

Bitcoin, the earliest and most popular cryptocurrency, began to circulate in 2009. It was created by the mysterious "Nakamoto Cong" and aims to solve the problems of central financial governments such as the government, banks and central banks. This is "point-to-point", which means that it can migrate directly from online customers without any intermediary. Bitcoin is based on blockchain technology, which is like the public ledger of transactions and is maintained by advanced encryption algorithms, providing users with a certain degree of anonymity. Because there is no middle authority to manage supply, the value of Bitcoin depends on everyone's confidence in it. Until now, Bitcoin has been used by financial traders for speculation, not for real business and payment.

Bitcoin will never inflate. First of all, how did inflation come about? Even if the central institution that holds the right to issue money does not control the printing of more money, the recognition of each piece of your money will decline, so there will be inflation. There are 21 million Bitcoins written in the code. No one, no organization, suggests printing more loan coins.

Another attraction of Bitcoin is its "decentralization". It does not need any third-party intermediary services like banks. It will make payment safe, casual and cheap.

Security: The traditional method of transfer is not safe, because your assets can be easily frozen.

Privacy: It is impossible for our current WeChat and Alipay to complete secret name payment, because it depends on the participation of a third party, such as a bank.

So all the transaction details can be traced. I just need to check your WeChat transaction records, and I will know your deeds on this day. However, the privacy of Bitcoin is much better. Because you can create a Bitcoin address without providing any identity documents, the entire Bitcoin cell only cares about whether Bitcoin is transferred from one address to another, and does not care about who created it. Anyway, having this key can prove whether you are a legitimate user.

It is cheap and convenient. Cross border remittance is a particularly troublesome thing, not to mention the various service fees, and there is also the risk of exchange rate fluctuations and asset value fluctuations.

If it is Bitcoin, you don't need it. The transfer is successful with a click of the mouse. It has no intermediaries and no borders. In the whole process, you don't need to trust anyone but technology.

Speaking of this, I believe you have a certain understanding of which enterprises accept Bitcoin payment and whether Bitcoin can become a means of payment. In general, compared with traditional legal coins, Bitcoin has the advantages of security, secret name, cheap and convenient. It can be said that Bitcoin has created a new payment method.