XRP Buyback Not Possible, Says Ex-Ripple Executive

Jan 05,2023
XRP Buyback Not Possible, Says Ex-Ripple Executive

Not long ago, Jamie Valle, chief executive of Valhil Capital, discussed in an interview how much XRP might have sold today had it not been for SEC's lawsuit, and a few days later there was a wave of discussion about the government buying back XRP tokens. He also hinted that digital currencies could be bought back if regulators were defeated in court.

Valle has been promoting and planning his basic theory of repurchase of XRP tokens and guessing that tokens will be worth $35000 in one case. In his view, this will happen when banks change to ISO20022 and use XRP.

Basic common sense

Many people in the XRP community are very negative about such assumptions. For example, Matt Hamilton, the former head of real estate association at Ripple, thinks that Vallee's view is completely imaginary, which is impossible at the level.

However, he stressed that even if the repurchase of XRP, its price can not be called investment real estate, because the second price is all generated by economic laws. In assessing the probability that buybacks make XRP a government loan currency, Hamilton also wondered what prevented the government from simply buying tokens from the market.

As a summary of Valle's views, Hamilton made it clear that he was skeptical about his and Valhil Capital's themed activities, and that until now, "he has been saying smarter things rather than doing anything."