XRP and Cardano (ADA) Rejected by Paxful Founder

Dec 24,2022
XRP and Cardano (ADA) Rejected by Paxful Founder

Ray Youssef, founder of Paxful, an equal BTC sales market, recently posted on TwitterpublishHe will not add the three most popular cryptocurrencies - LTC, Cardano (ADA) and Monero (XMR) to his software.

In the first article, Yusuf described the reasons for rejecting this coin. "We will have BTC and stables, plus other basic uncivilized behaviors," he explained.

After receiving resistance from some surprised people, he put the popular personal privacy coins Monero, Litecoin and Cardano on the same list. Youssef regressed in the following tweets. He said, "I'm sorry to have Monero go hand in hand with Lettercoin and Smano.". "It is still not easy to add it to American enterprises, but it is generally replaced by XRP."

Credit CardYoussef has also determined that no matter what the outcome of all the lawsuits between Ripple, a blockchain company associated with XRP cryptocurrency, and the American Stock Exchange Association (SEC), Paxful is still not easy to add XRP to the page where cryptocurrency can be used. Youssef wrote on Twitter: "Don't pay too much attention to the conclusion of the XRP lawsuit.".

Youssef still praised Ripple's efforts to develop and design test cases for inter company money transfer.

This data encryption entrepreneur later focused on these people who called him a real villain, because he deleted the ether currency under the premise of applying stable currency. He added that its critics "live in a small technological foam". He added: "Your technology and key technologies are worthless.".